Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday (9w1d)

Moving along.

Yesterday - eh. It was.

Back to the college for weekly vitamin shot, which went well.

DH telecommuted yesterday, so we took the time to sit down and watch the Casey Anthony verdict. In thinking about it, I don't think I've actually watched a live verdict since the OJ Simpson case, which was over 15 years ago. (And I remember that one quite vividly.... Our P.E. teacher called us off the field and took us into the weight room to watch it. What a trial.) Anyhow, the two definitely had a similar feeling, though I have not followed this trial closely enough to have concrete views on whether or not this was a true miscarriage of justice. It will be interesting to see where Ms. Anthony takes her life from here. Will she be careful not to stick her neck out again, or will she blow it again - like OJ did, and like the Aruba suspect did? It will be interesting to see.

Yesterday I also forced myself into the kitchen to process some baby food carrots that I'd cooked a few days ago. Have you ever tried to process baby food while severely nauseated? Here's my advice: Don't do it. I might as well have saved myself the trouble and thrown them in the trash:

Batch 1 - Only after I started to see wee bits of white plastic floating about in the carrots did I remember where I'd stored that extra plastic gasket. In the blender. Bad idea. Exit batch 1.

Batch 2 - Made it through without incident.

Batch 3 - In desperation to get through, got wooden spoon too close to the blades. Exit batch 3 and my favorite wooden spoon.

However, even after throwing out two of three batches, I did get almost four trays of cubes, which is something.

Good news - my mom is coming out on Friday for a week or two. Thank goodness!

I remember telling someone last time that I had noticed that the NVP got worse until 10 weeks, and the plateaued and then finally started getting better. Am hoping for the same this time, as week 10 is just around the corner.

Yesterday I tried more Panda Express - low carb this time - vegetables and their two lowest-carb entrees (8g and 9g, respectively, and I left the sauce off of one of them). It was delicious and I haven't felt any ill effects, which means..... I'll probably be sending DH for more tonight!!! :)

Poor guy. He spends most of his leisure time running errands. But thankfully he likes running errands, and it does give him and DS something to do together, which is good.

After this is over, I'm going to have the usual battles to re-fight, including working our son out of a picky eating rut (the result of fast food overindulgence), restarting things like chore cards, etc. Well, that will be for another day.

Have a good day, all!

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