Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday (8w6d)

Yesterday was another "eh" day, with a rather yucky night - lots of night nausea, and a super-cranky baby who made good and sure that I was awake to savor every minute of it.

I hadn't realized how much nausea goes on at night that I usually sleep through. I knew that the nausea calmed down eventually at night, but that doesn't actually happen till rather late in the night - like 3a. and later. With a co-sleeping baby, I am getting to experience a lot more of it. One of my set-in-stone tasks for this pregnancy is getting baby to sleep through the night (no way can I get up to nurse two), but I am not up to that task right now, so the adventures continue.

Looking forward to bidding farewell (and good riddance) to week eight!

As time passes, I have come to the pleasant realization that there is (and will be) more to this pregnancy than just nausea, fear, panic, etc. There's the fun stuff too! Visits with our midwife (the most wonderful thing in the world).... feeling baby move..... getting to do placenta medicine again (one of my passions)..... planning another homebirth..... and writing birth plans!! I have a special fondness for writing birth plans. Due to birthing at home and having a superb birth team, I have never actually needed any of the birth plans that I've written, but I write them anyway because I enjoy it so much. A couple of days ago I wrote out preliminary birth plans for this birth! One for home and one for hospital transport. I had a ton of fun! I'll post them later in their more finished form.

It's just nice to realize that pregnancy is more than HG and HG-fear. At the beginning, I'm afraid, pregnancy just means fear-fear-fear-fear-FEAR. Still there, but not as badly. I am, though, so looking forward to seeing the other side of the first trimester mark.

Okay, everyone! Have a great Independence Day! We will be doing (as we have done with all of this month's birthdays and holidays) absolutely nothing. Fun!!! :)

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