Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday (11w5d)

Inching closer to 12 weeks!

Yesterday was okay-ish, with a yuckier night. Managed the first day sans famille (or rather, sans ma mere) okay, with DH's help. Tomorrow - really on my own.

So much for church this morning - the best laid plans, etc. We got everything ready, but an upset tummy for the 5yo and one of DH's monthly migraines put an end to that. Next week, to try again. I was only back at our church for two weeks before I dropped off the face of the earth again - would like to be back as soon as I can!

Tomorrow - therapy for little guy, work beginning on our irrigation system, second midwife interview. Tired just thinking about it.

Am getting very, very, very tired of doing the diet. However, the results are so positive that I don't want to give up on it. Have set September 1st for my "reintroduce carbs" date, and will see if I can hold the line that long. In the meantime, am running very low on food choices! I need a personal chef. :) (And a maid, while I'm at it.)

My mom helped me out while she was here in thinking up some new ways to work past our little guy's texture problems. *Foodment* She made a couple of batches of baby food that were hand-mashed, rather than blended, and came up with things like chopped canned peaches and other things. If I can keep up with all of that, maybe we will be able to work through texture issues eventually. *End foodment*

I have contemplated the fact that when this new baby comes along, it's really going to be like having twins. Because our little guy's development is so delayed, he is still non-mobile, still eating baby food, still not talking, etc. We are actually going to have a use for the double stroller we were given! And, in fact, it's a very likely possibility that the new baby may overtake the older one within a short amount of time. We'll have to see. It's going to be a challenge, no doubt!

Have also been checking out homeschooling materials. I have our curriculum company chosen, I just need to choose grade level and options and order - planning to start in September, hopefully I will be up to it by then. We're going to choose a very slow and easy start, nothing strenuous. I do wish it wasn't so expensive! However, I love this company and I love that everything is prepackaged for the year. I am not someone who enjoys developing her own curricula or searching garage sales and/or the internet for new ideas. That is so not me! So hopefully this will be a success.... we'll see. 

Okay, all.... have a great Sabbath.... will check in soon. I need a time machine for the next two months or so!

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