Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday (12w5d)

Yesterday was again, average or slightly better-than. Hurray!

Some sweet friends of ours invited DH and our eldest over for swimming and dinner, so they went off to do that yesterday afternoon. I hated to miss out, but I was so happy that they were able to get out. This summer has not been much fun for our poor 5yo. No outings, no people over, no playdates, no parks (except in the evenings with daddy), none of our usual activity - just staying home while mommy is sick! So I was so glad that they got to get out and spend some time with friends.

While they were gone, I managed to...... clean up the kitchen (badly) and finish a load and a half of laundry! I was so proud of myself! Of course, it took two hours, but it was something. Exhausting!!

We have set ourselves tonight for a deadline of making a decision about choosing a midwife. I have experienced so much confusion and angst over this - it's not even funny. I can't believe how difficult it's been. But we need to move ahead, and I feel horrible about how long we've made our first-interviewed midwife wait (almost two weeks), so we need to make a decision. Would appreciate prayers for clarity and guidance!!

Have started eating *foodment* cottage cheese successfully, which is a blessing, considering that my food choices are constantly being eliminated and are an ever-dwindling pool. Have also been cheating with small amounts (1/8 cup) of frozen blueberries. Yum. If I make it through August on the diet, it'll be a miracle. However, reading back into my last-pregnancy diary (I am so glad I have that, it has been an invaluable resource), I see that last time I was throwing up into the late teen weeks. I don't want to scratch the diet only to go back to throwing up, so I'm going to do my best to keep on through this coming month. *End foodment*

Happy Sabbath!


  1. berries have a very low gylecemic index. so it might be a safe cheat

  2. That's what I've been counting on!! Mmm, they are wonderful. I've really been missing summer fruit. :)


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