Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday (10w5d)

So excited to see the end of the 10th week approaching!

Yesterday was in between - neither good nor horrible. Somewhere in the middle.

Last night, however, was great. I was so-so-so tired that I slept through five straight hours of the night! Impressive, no? Only got up.... three times for the whole night! Once for baby, twice to eat/meds. Not bad, not bad at all. I'll take it! 

Am hoping to start seeing signs of improvement soon. Nothing yet, but..... soon?

Forgot to mention that our eldest already used his allowance to buy something - a weird blow-up worm thing that he calls "Spiney." However, he has his eye on better things! He now wants to buy some sort of bulldozer toy, and after explaining to him about five hundred times the concept of saving up his money (instead of his idea of us just giving him more of it right away!), he is now determined to save up for it. Will it last? Don't know. We'll see!

Well, I have the feeling that there was more I wanted to mention, but I can't remember any of it. Ah well, my brain will return sometime. Not sure when, since it's been missing since the conception of the first baby, but sometime.

Happy Sabbath!

p.s. Tomorrow is my vitamin shot.... with the same person as last week (no choice). Any opinions as to whether to keep the appointment or cancel? I'm thinking of keeping it and just asking her to make it snappy. If I skip it, it will be 2 1/2 weeks in between appointments, which worries me a little.


p.p.s. And now I remember what yesterday was mainly about! Sheesh, my memory.

Yesterday I was extremely saddened to learn of the death of a high school teacher of mine, a really neat guy with two young kids who fought a losing fight against a really nasty type of cancer for almost four years.

I can't remember that this fellow was a really super-great teacher, per se - the one class I took from him was filled to the brim with fun hands-on activities, but relatively little learning - but he had something more important than teaching skills, that is, the ability to encourage, love, motivate, and mentor - everyone from the "good kids" to the "just-this-side-of-trouble" kids. One friend of mine, who had a rough time in the teenage years, described him as "one of the only positive influences in my life." He had an amazing capacity to love kids, and in return was probably one of the most well-loved teachers ever. His memorial fan page, started yesterday, is already at thirteen hundred fans and growing hourly.

Goes to show how far-reaching the influence of a teacher - especially a good one - can be! (This chap was eventually moved to administrative duties, where he was better placed and did an awesome job.)

Do you know that almost everyone I know who has died over the past X years has died of cancer? This is at least the third young guy I know of in the past five years who has died of cancer, leaving behind a young family. So tragic.

Anyway, it was a time to grieve for a death and celebrate the amazingly positive influence of a well-invested life. The interesting duality that always accompanies a death, and a good reminder to the living, as always.

Signing off again.....


  1. Hope tomorrow is better than last time. I'd be tempted to remind her how last week went so she is nicer to you this time. Maybe if you changed to a different day for future appointments you'd get a different nurse, worth checking.

    Better day here today too. Having a problem though, I always feel most ill around mealtimes. Why? I know this isn't a mental thing but I can't help wondering if I've become trained by experience to associate the mealtimes with the problem. Stematil didn't work and that works on the brain so it can't be mental but thinking I might get ill isn't going to make any meal feel enjoyable, is it? I try to distract myself by turning on the radio or thinking about other things, wiping my face with a cold cloth etc. What do you do?

  2. Sorry, I meant to say I was very sorry to read of the death of your former teacher. What a sad thing to happen.

  3. Actually, I haven't been eating actual meals. I've just been doing continuous snacking - a small amount of food about once an hour. I don't really feel up to meals, plus on this diet I have almost ZILCH food choices, so snacking is working for now. I think, however, that you are having a much harder time than I am, so what works for me may be useless on your end. Good luck - and may time pass quickly for us both!!!

  4. I think my problem is that I just want to forget I am not feeling normal so I set up huge challenges each mealtime. Maybe snacking and forgetting trying to eat meals is the right thing to do. I just find it such a chore to think of things to try to eat, food is so boring when it's a test. Food adverts are everywhere too, magazines, tv etc. Can't get away from the subject! Not sure I have it worse, just a different manifestation. I'd love a personal chef with insight into this, someone who would just keep trying to offer little bits.


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