Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday (8w4d)

Hi, guys!

Very tired today - insomnia kept me up till 2:30p. Very bad!

Yesterday was odd. I decide to try a new food - cottage cheese. (I am in definite need of new foods, as my current diet in toto consists of peanuts, chicken, turkey lunchmeat, and string cheese.) It's not on the very-low-carb list, but it is low-carb/high-protein, so I decided to give it a try.

Directly after eating it, (1) I felt awful, (2) I had an actually upset stomach (not just nausea), and (3) I fell into some weird sort of catatonic stupor/nap on the couch (thankfully DH was working from home). I don't know which of those was cause-and-effect and which was coincidence, but it doesn't matter because I'm not going to try again - cottage cheese has been officially asked to leave the party. Too bad.

Definitely don't quote me.... But I do feel like we might be starting to turn a corner for the better rather than the worse. I have slightly more energy, I'm not having night chills much anymore.... I'm just hoping that this is an upward trend. I hope so, and I pray that it is so!!

By the way, I will sometime get around to writing out the story of the first week (week 4) of this pregnancy. It just won't be any time soon, because it is too frightening to think about while I'm still in HG danger-land. Look for it in a few months.

Happy weekend, all!


  1. Cottage cheese wouldn't be high on my list either. I really hope you're at the turning point. Is the food list short because you don't feel good on alternatives? I know there are other high protein groups but they are a bit hippy chick eg pulses such as hummus. I went through a phase last pregnancy of managing it for a bit. I do have a little concert about your diet and I may just be misinformed but I have heard all protein diets eg Atkins can be quite hard on the kidneys. Don't you need a bit of carbs if you are on it for a bit longer? I thought the liver glycogen stores get a bit depleted after a while from being converted to sugars in the absense of dietary carbs. Just wanting to make sure you are okay xxx

  2. Do you like macadamia nuts? They're high in protein, fat and calories (something I know I have a HARD time getting when I'm pregnant). And I just a-d-o-r-e the taste!

    AFM, today's day 45. My miscarriage 2 months ago was on day 46. So, either I'm pregnant, I'm pregnant and going to miscarry, or I'm not pregnant and something's wrong that I keep having crazy-long cycles. Either way, the news here isn't the sunniest right now. I don't know if it means anything, but this morning I needed a new scrubbing sponge and when I bent over to open my under-sink cabinet there was a smell in there that turned my stomach...a smell my husband claimed he couldn't smell. That doesn't bode well.

  3. Sleepwalker - No worries, I understand the concern! I did read several things a few months ago on the safety of VLC diets for pregnancy, and I'm pretty comfortable with it. Some of them mentioned the certain tribes who eat nothing but meat and do just fine staying in ketosis for life. Anyhow, I really do think that this is helping me. The drugs keep me out of HG, but the diet has made me much, much, much more functional than I was last time with just the meds. However, that being said, I am quickly approaching the breaking point psychologically due to boredom!! So I'm just going to try to make it low carb till the end of the first trimester, and then start gradually adding them back in. If I make it that far - I may break soon!

    Becky - Unfortunately, I can't stand macadamia nuts, LOL!! But I may give cashews a chance. Almonds have gotten the boot, because I now find them horribly nauseating; peanuts are holding steady so far. Also, I will definitely be praying for you, my friend - I hope to hear good news soon! You are one brave, brave, BRAVE woman. :)

  4. I didn't know anything about this high protein link to HG but my last pregnancy was the most bearable - in the "Most bearable" standard meaning I didn't think I wanted to die every minute - just every other minute.
    but I thought more about it and what made it better was probably that I craved my dad's version of 'goulash' - a can of baked beans with hamburger meat in it. Don't know if that would qualify for your diet but I ate it every night. And usually had something with peanut butter in the morning.
    another thing I saw was ensure has a high protein drink - I made a mental note because some days I could only drink stuff because I could tolerate throwing it back up.

  5. I thought you'd have had a good look into it and I'm so glad it is helping, I just wanted to know it wasn't doing any harm. I'm still being careful about sugar here but it's more of an aversion thing at the moment anyway, everything like that tastes sickly sweet rather than pleasant. Hope you have a good day today. Xxx


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