Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday (11w3d)

My mom's last day here.... dum dum da da dum..... as of tomorrow morning, I am on my own. Not looking forward to that.

Yesterday was average with a yucky night.

On the whole, though, this week has been better than the previous. It looks like (and I'm hoping that) I'm staying true to form, which is getting worse through 10 weeks and then a long, slooooowwwwww recovery. But I'm happy not to be getting worse. And praying it stays that way.

I realized that since this is an HG blog, I should be using HG notation. Therefore....

* Foodment *

This time around, I am finding the thought of sweets nauseating. Unusual, they've always been the one thing that I could think of without gagging. Too bad.

As usual, food maintains its dual nature - incredibly attractive and incredibly nauseating at the same time. An unusual paradigm, but there you have it.

I have read several HG mums saying, for whatever reason, that they found vinegar more palatable than other things, and I am finding that to be true. Right now I am eating lettuce salads with plain oil and vinegar on them, to avoid the nauseating spices of Italian dressing, and it works really well.

Even more amazing is that this is the first pregnancy EVER in which I have been able to tolerate vegetables before 20 weeks or so. There's no doubt that I am having an super-easy time by comparison to my history, crummy as I feel.

* End Foodment *

Onto other things.

This pregnancy I am having to deal with something that I never would have imagined that I would ever have to do..... finding a new midwife. It is very difficult. And somewhat heart-breaking.

First of all, I would like you all to know that I have the most awesome midwife in the world! She is great. We fell in love with her when we met her six years ago, and have had an awesome working and personal relationship ever since. She fits perfectly for our family, and she is an absolute darling - we love her.

This pregnancy, we had a couple of issues we were going to have to talk over with her, due to the fact that the nature of her practice has changed radically since we first knew her (none of which changes the fact that she is the most awesome midwife in the world and one of my favorite people!). However, all of that became unnecessary when we discovered that she is going to be out of the country next winter for a six week period that will - in all but the most unlikely of scenarios - cover our last month of pregnancy, our birth, and at least one week of the postpartum.

So that was that.

Thus, we are back to the beginning. We interviewed one midwife this week and will interview another next week, and then we'll see if we feel a concrete leading toward either of them or if we need to keep interviewing.

It's definitely not a scenario that I ever envisioned for myself! However, I will just trust that it is all for the best. And I am very blessed to live in the Phoenix valley, where there is a plethora of wonderful licensed midwives to choose from. We'll just see what the Lord has planned for us, and take it from there. I am excited to be planning our third homebirth and getting to start meeting with a midwife, whomever that may be.

Well, I need to get back to it! Love to all!

Oh, one quick note, an addendum to that "Does eating grains cause allergies?" entry I wrote a few days ago: I found this entry on one of my new favorite nutrition blogs, "Mark's Daily Apple," and the person writing the article (it's one of the "Friday Testimonial" articles) wrote that going on the Primal Blueprint Diet (which is virtually identical to the Paleo diet and also eliminates grains, among other things) got rid of her asthma and allergies. Nice to find some confirmation, or at least someone with the same observation!

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