Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday (11w2d)

Yesterday was..... average. Okay. Exhausting, especially as our eldest took it upon himself to be rather difficult. I'm not complaining, though, because on the whole he's taken this whole thing rather well. But discipline episodes are always extra-exhausting while nauseated and not feeling up to dealing with it!

Baby had his therapy yesterday (PT) and did pretty well, barring the fact that he - as usual - cried through the whole thing. Oh, how he hates his PT - with a passion! He actually started crying the moment he saw his therapist poke her head into the room, poor thing.

But yesterday was also a big milestone for our little dude - the first time EVER that he has consented to sit in his exersaucer, and even more, he had a great time! Until now it's been "put baby in exersaucer, baby screams his head off, give up." We were very excited!

When I'm feeling better, I'll post a more thorough update on the little dude.

Last night we had our appointment that we needed to go to - though I told DH firmly that it needed to be no longer than an hour, it stretched out to almost two and a half. It was a lot of fun. However, it was utterly exhausting. I was shot after that! Afterwards, I had a funny experience - I was so tired that I actually drowsed through my own dreams during the night. Is that weird, or what? I was actually too tired to understand what people were saying or what was going on. I kept "dropping off" while I was dreaming. Very weird - never experienced something like that before.

Okay, got to go help my mom with the 5yo.... can't wait till I'm feeling better and am back to full time child training.

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