Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday (9w0d)

Nine weeks!

Yesterday - ick.

Came to a depressing realization yesterday. I wondered why I'd been getting "more energy" and yet was feeling crummy - dare I say, crummier. Then my own idiocy slapped me in the face like a wet haddock. I'm not getting "more energy" - it's just the drowsiness effects of the Unisom wearing off! Definitely a "DUH" moment, and a disappointing one. So much for a fast recovery.

Good part of yesterday was watching the Capitol Fourth show - it was excellent. Usually we switch between the different shows in a vain attempt to avoid having to listen to yowling pop stars, but this year there was some really excellent music in there - Broadway songs, some awesome military bands, and our favorite - some beyond-brilliant bluegrass. Good stuff. We watched it as a family, which was a fun first, while our 5yo danced madly around the room playing a "guitar" to the music.

Oh, a bit of fun trivia - my sister-in-law got to meet Weird Al! It was on a professional basis rather than a fan basis, so she got to talk to him for a couple of hours. She thought he was an awesome guy! Pretty neat.

Hope you all have had a good fourth!


  1. Well done! Sick as a dog here today but maybe better tomorrow. Tried chocolate whey drink and couldn't manage it at all, your stuff must be better. Love weird al - ebay song cracks me up

  2. I've given up on the protein shakes. I noticed that I felt worse after each one. Finally figured out that it probably wasn't the protein shake in itself, but the fact that I was drinking a bunch of liquid at once. Either way, I've drunk them long enough while nauseated that they no longer hold any appeal. Back to just water. :) Hope you're holding up!!! :)


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