Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday (12w2d)

Hope everyone's having a good week!

Yesterday was pretty yucky. Very discouraging.

But last night was unexpectedly good, which was nice.

Have you ever wondered why children's ailments crop up so much at night? After being much better since midday, our 5yo's hurting tummy started acting up again in the late evening. After thinking it over, DH suggested that we let him sleep on a pallet in our room, an idea which we ended up adopting. Good thing, too, because DS woke up crying at least 10-15 times last night. It wasn't as severe as night before last, though, so we were able just to wake up, say "It's okay, go back to sleep, etc.", and go back to sleep ourselves. Much better than being thoroughly awakened every half hour and having to tramp down to his room!

Of course, now the issue will be determining when he's really sick, because he LOVED being in our room and is already conditioning for tonight. But it was definitely worth it not to be up until 5:00 a.m. again!!!

I don't think there's any other news. I'm so glad to be almost through the first trimester, but it still seems like time is stretching out dreadfully in front of me. It's hard to stay hopeful when it feels like eternity!

But enough whining. Hoping for a better day today, and for time to pass quickly. Love to all!

p.s. I owe emails or comment-replies to several of you.... I'm so sorry I'm taking so long (all of my correspondence is suffering). I will get back with you all soon! 

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  1. Hope you get a bit more rest tonight. Things are on the turn here at 16wk (touch wood) so I'll be very grateful if that continues. Hoping you are also going to get a bit of a break soon. I'm busy crocheting this pregnancy away.


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