Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday (8w5d)

Moving through week eight!

Yesterday was definitely an "eh" sort of day. Not horrible, not great.

Confession: I cheated a wee bit on the diet, by eating a couple of bites of Panda Express Orange Chicken. My favorite! But definitely a dish under the "would you like some chicken with that sugar sauce?" category - not low carb at all! Coincidentally or not, last night was unusually pukey, and this morning has continued that trend. Back to the diet! Boredom is better than nausea.

One plus side: I am entirely missing out on Phoenix's latest 118-degree heat wave, being that I am only stepping outside of the house about once a week. Hurray!!! Being that I utterly abhor both heat and sunlight, staying indoors with the curtains drawn and air conditioning on is definitely my way to spend the summer. (I think I might be living in slightly the wrong climate - you think?)

I almost made church this morning but couldn't swing it in the end - going to try again next week.

Happy Sunday, all!!!

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