Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday (11w6d)

Countdown is on till the end of the first trimester!

I always counted weeks 0-13 as the first trimester, but the website I'm currently following says that the second trimester begins at 13w0d, and I'm happy to oblige! Anything to move out of the first trimester, even if it's cheating.

Don't you love the looks people give you when they're wondering if you're pregnant? Baby's therapist this morning was giving me that look - "I think she's pregnant. Yes, I think so.... but I'd better not say anything in case she's just been gaining weight."

So, yesterday. Yesterday was AWFUL. Pure yuck from the moment I got up until sometime well after midnight. Pure exhaustion and nausea. It was just great. I think in hindsight that it was a really good thing that I didn't make it to church, because that could have pushed the day over the edge.

I think I must have overdone things on Saturday. I noticed last time that if I overdid things one day (when feeling better), I would pay through the nose for the next day or two. And pay I did.

Of course, that's all comparative - for this pregnancy. If I was comparing it to my first pregnancy (my only true HG pregnancy), I'd say that yesterday was a walk in the park. Trying to keep that in mind.

Second midwife interview tonight. Looking forward to it (I love this midwife, she is great), but utterly exhausted and wondering how I'll make it through. Especially with both kids with us.

Doing a lot of night wandering. I am up repeatedly at night, with (1) nausea, (2) needing to eat, (3) baby. Thank goodness for Facebook, it gives me something to surf mindlessly for a bit until I head back to bed to try to sleep again. Except for having a newborn, I haven't had sleep this broken.... ever. But that's okay, even broken sleep is better than daytime. And at least the nausea does finally calm down in the wee hours for a bit, so that is something.

You learn a lot wandering the house at night. What things look like at different times, the nocturnal habits of the cat, what people are doing on Facebook. I've also discovered, to my surprise, that I happen to be night-blind in one eye. Very curious!

And now I'm just rambling. Today has been rough so far, too, so I'm hoping that things will perk up. I am going to cancel my appointment at the naturopathic college this week, as the only time I could get was at a time when I would have to take both kids with me. Definitely, definitely not up to that one yet. So I'll just skip this week and go in next week, and hope there aren't any adverse affects felt.

Goodbye, all! How long till nap time???

p.s. No real baby kicks yet. Noted from my last diary that I felt kicks (for sure, not just ???? kicks) internally at 13w and externally at 16w, so hopefully something within the next two weeks.

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