Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday (8w3d)

Yesterday was shaky, but infinitely better than Wednesday, praise the Lord. I was militant about eating every 30 minutes and staying faithful on my meds - maybe that helped.

Reasons why Wednesday may have been so horrible: (1) it was just a bad day, (2) did I skip meds somewhere?, (3) I think I was drinking a lot and maybe forgot to eat as often as I should have, (4) I took a bite of something that made my whole being revolt (chicken from Whole Foods), had to spit it out immediately - maybe my body just took the cue from there.

Quote of the day, from Becky: "Remember, it does get better, and then it goes away." Thank goodness for that! Thank you, Becky!

I notice that I am having a hard time keeping hydrated, because anything more than a sip or two of liquid makes me sick. I'm trying to be faithful to constant small sips of water, but it's hard - (1) I forget, and (2) when I want water, I want to drink a TON of it! Bad idea, bad idea. 

Something that I have really noticed helping - taking a bath. Seriously! For some reason, I feel infinitely better in the bath. For that reason I have started taking one- to two-hour long baths in the evenings. When I mentioned my observation to DH, he said "Well, don't you know you're supposed to take a bath to feel better when you have stomach flu?" Actually, no - that bit of folk medicine had completely passed me by! But it must be on the same principle. Whatever that principle is, I'm definitely sticking with it.

Last night I actually (wait for it!).... mopped the floor. Spontaneously. First time in over a month. Considering that I was less than thorough and that I didn't vacuum first, the results were definitely mixed. But it was oddly therapeutic. 

Anyway, looking forward to making it through this. I'm tired of being a bad mommy. As in, "No, mommy can't do such-and-such. Mommy is not feeling well enough." Ad infinitum. 

Have a great day, everyone! I would appreciate continued prayers. Now off to mooch. 


  1. Taking a bath also helps keep you hydrated :)

    Hey, possibly interesting story for you. Our across-the-hall neighbors are having their first baby this month. We saw the husband the other day and Caleb asked what they were having and he said a girl, Violet (isn't that a pretty name???). Caleb answered enthusiastically, "I'm having a new baby brother!" The man looked at me as if to ask if that was true and I emphatically shook my head, "no!" But...maybe kids just know these things? ;)

    I've had two miscarriages and 3 live births. If I AM pregnant now, it would be my 6th pregnancy. How would I write that they way you did on FB? I think that's

  2. Well, I will say that with our last, our Caleb told me that I was pregnant before I knew!!!! :)

    If you NOT pregnant now, you are a G5P3A2 (if you want to be specific, a G5P3A2s, because your "aborta" were spontaneous and not induced, i.e. abortions).

    If you ARE pregnant now, then you are a G6P3A2 or G6P3A2s.

    Gravida - pregnancies
    Para - births
    Aborta - losses, either spontaneous (miscarriage) or induced (abortions)

  3. Oh, and you don't have to include the A in your notation - that's optional. So you could call yourself (if pregnant) a G6P3. :)

  4. I think I'll just post that on FB:
    G6P3 and leave it alone and see if anyone notices :) Wouldn't it be funny if we both had Caleb's who told us we were pregnant before we knew? How neat! And I'd HAVE to tell the man across the hall. He'd get a kick out of that, I think, that he was "told" of my pregnancy before my husband even.

  5. I wonder if baths help because the heat of the water relaxes your muscles, maybe including your stomach muscles? Whatever it is, that's good that you have something nice.

  6. Do you know this song?

    I had it on my mind today and thought of you.

    My favorite part:
    "'cause even the roughest waters cleanse..."

    Praying for you constantly! :)


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