Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday (10w0d)

Ten weeks - HURRAY!

Yesterday - mmphthphth. Yup, that about sums it up.

Baby's tummy troubles continued into the morning, so we ended up canceling his therapy appointment. Good thing. He stayed either cranky or comatose for most of the day, improving at the end.

In the afternoon, went over for the vitamin shot to the naturopathic college. From that experience, I can now report that there is a vast range among caregivers in injection skills. Youch.

So the girl I normally see - she is fast, skilled, and the shot occasions only a minimum discomfort. No after-effects but soreness, and I walk out and go home.

Yesterday... no.

The girl who did it was very sweet, but I think that she must have been new. She took 3-4 times longer doing the shot, and it hurt a LOT. Yowzer.

When it was finally over, I was really relieved. And then - oh, shoot. I started feeling all those yucky pre-fainting symptoms. Nausea, dizziness, light-headedness, ringing ears, general "oh crud, I'm in for it now", etc. I immediately told them that I needed to sit down, which I did, and they kindly stayed with me. However, it just got worse from there, and I eventually asked to be shown to a restroom before I threw up.

Once there, I immediately fell face-first onto the floor and stayed there (thankfully floor was clean, but I wouldn't have cared if it wasn't) for about ten minutes. Thank goodness for cold bathroom floors. Didn't end up throwing up, which was nice. Then I was able to leave - thankfully DH had driven me over, so I didn't have to drive. After that, I was absolutely shot for the day.

Not sure why I had the reaction. I'm guessing that it was just the length of the shot - either my mind or my body couldn't handle it. I have had that reaction only once before, when I went in for a rather lengthy blood draw. It stinks.

And yesterday was on the crummy side anyway!

Moving on.

Did some more reading of my last pregnancy journal yesterday. Noted a couple of things.

My last journal was littered with "I can't believe how much better I'm doing than last time!" statements - the difference between an unmedicated HG pregnancy and a medicated HG-in-remission pregnancy. What is scary is how much better I am doing this time than last time - and I still feel horrid!! But in comparison, I'm doing way better than last time. Here are a few things:

- Right now, praise God, I'm not throwing up. Last time I was throwing up a minimum of once a day into the late teen weeks.

- Right now I am able to eat vegetables, handle most foods, and even do some simple food prep (like peeling fruit). At this time last time, it was a no to all of the above.

- Overall, I am just a lot more stable, functional, and okay than I was last time. It's kind of scary to think about, especially as whiny as I feel right now.

This has made me question the wisdom of reintroducing carbs after the first trimester. If the diet really is helping, I don't want to regress (right now I'm doing better than I was last time at 13 weeks). If I have the willpower, I'm thinking I should push it out a couple weeks further. We'll see.

Okay, off for nap time! Feeling pretty crummy, so am looking forward to a break.


  1. You did amazingly well under circumstances you really don't like. I'm impressed you managed to avoid being sick when it got to the lying on the floor stage. Hope you can request the other nurse, especially since you are paying for the treatments.

    I'd say I'm back in HG here which is a pest but still so much better than last time. Having parents here visiting helps a lot and I suppose at least they are seeing the reality of this stage. They are really thinking it's dreadful but I know how much worse it was last time. I keep comparing just to remind myself it is better, as I hoped when I got pregnant. Managing food more in the later evening but not winning earlier in day.

  2. I am on the no/low carb thing too and I must say I feel amazing. Although I am not a HG mother, I am overweight and prone to sugar reactions, ie yeast and strep b. I think you are doing awesome and leaning on God in this time of your need is great.

    In Christ,

  3. Sleepwalker - I'm so sorry to hear that you're back in HG-land! That stinks horribly! I sure hope that it is a short visit, and I'm so glad your parents are there. Right now my mom is an absolute lifesaver. Hoping to hear good things shortly, my friend.

    Leah - So glad the low/no carb thing is helping! It seems to be pretty amazing for a multitude of health problems. My mom is using it to control her blood pressure! So glad that your pregnancy is going well with it. :)


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