Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday (9w3d)

Greetings, all!

Have you ever noticed that a good day, after getting one's hopes up, is almost sure to be followed by a not-so-good day? It's so predictable that it's scary!

So yesterday was not-so-awesome, but whatever. Not in HG, will live.

I am finding, once again, that I do not enjoy breastfeeding while pregnant. Don't know why, but the feeling changes, and it becomes something that I would rather avoid. During our last pregnancy, I ended up weaning our son (when he was about 33 mos.) about 3-4 months into the pregnancy. That worked just fine. I wouldn't have weaned so soon had I not been pregnant, but it worked out fine and the timing was fine. This time, I am quite sure that our little chap (age 22 mos.) is not in the least ready to be weaned, so I am doing my best to tough it out. My intention, if I make it through, is to tandem nurse, which will be a new experience for me. However, there are no guarantees - nursing through pregnancy is not easy!

One part of pregnancy nursing that I find most difficult is night nursing, which we're still doing for the next month or two while our little guy co-sleeps (something that will be ending as soon as I feel up to some sleep training). This is especially so since he likes to stay attached and nurse on and off most of the night! (That, and it wakes me up so I can experience night-time nausea.) Lately I've been pulling him into bed, letting him nurse, and then moving myself down to the foot of the bed so that I can go back to sleep without nursing continually. Works pretty well. As I said, it's a firmly temporary arrangement that will be ending soon - hopefully by early September. We ended our eldest's co-sleeping arrangement when he was 11 mos. old, so by the time the next baby came along, I had been able to sleep through the night for over two years. This time, it's going to be only a couple of months, but I want to grab for it, because I am tired.

DH and I have moved into our usual voting camps for baby's gender - I want a boy, DH wants a girl (though both of us are, naturally, fine with either gender). DH has voted for girls from the beginning, and he's really hoping that this one will fall into the female persuasion. :)

I, on the other hand, love boys and would prefer an all-boy family. Why? Well, several reasons. #1 - Boys are simpler with a lot less "emotionalism" - I love that. #2 - We have the clothes! I am not in any way a shopper by nature, so I would much prefer to use our already collected boy clothes. Heck, I probably will do that even if it is a girl. :) #3 - I have a deep, deep dread of the female teenage years. Yikes!!! I know that on occasion there can be peaceful mother-daughter relations during that time, but I have seen enough to make me cower in fear. I know that my mother and I put each other through the wringer well enough, and I didn't even do any serious rebelling! Oh, my goodness.

Anyhow, that's mostly tongue-in-cheek. We'll both be fine with either gender, and it will be fun to find out at the birth. Right now I'm thinking that we will not be doing a diagnostic ultrasound (I don't have the same feeling that we need to with this baby as I did with our last), so I won't have to worry about the tech blowing it and revealing baby's gender (something that made me a nervous wreck at our last ultrasound). I love the surprise!!

My mom is coming into town tonight, so my checking in may be kind of sketchy for the next week or two. Don't worry if you don't hear from me! But I'll do my best to check in when I can.

Happy weekending, all!


  1. Ok I posted a comment but I think it got deleted.
    I was telling you that I think its a girl, and I have yet to ever be wrong in my predictions :). And I have a little girl and I have to say it is bliss, although she has a fresh mouth and shes only 6, so I too dread the teenage years.
    Also, wondering why you say you are not in HG, is it because you don't need IVs or not vomiting that much? Because it seems to me that, what you are experience certainly goes way beyond normal morning sickness, no? But you are doing remarkably well.

  2. Hi, Juliana! :) I guess that I classify "active HG" as a certain level of NVP.... not sure what that is! It's really hard to classify, because the underlying condition is the same - it's just that the drugs prevent full expression of the condition. I guess I would consider it the difference between "active HG" and "HG in remission." For me, my HG was mild enough (by comparison) that sufficient meds prevent full or active HG from being expressed like it was during the pregnancy when I was med-free. I guess I'd qualify what I have right now as just the yucky end of normal NVP, as opposed to the dangerous spiraling type which is HG. It's hard to define!

    With this baby, I definitely have a strong feeling that it is a girl, which is odd, as I didn't really have defined feelings either way with the others. If it's a boy, it'll take some getting used to, LOL!!!


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