Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday (17w1d)

Hi, everyone!

You will have noticed that I am no longer blogging every day - since I am (I hope!) past the critical phase, I didn't think it was quite as necessary to maintain a daily record. But I do want to check in as often as I can.

Continuing to do better by baby steps every day!

Have dropped another Diclectin, so I'm down to 24 mg Zofran and 5 Diclectin.

Yesterday we went to the first MOMS Club event since I started feeling yucky! Our eldest was beyond excited. Poor guy, this summer has been so dull for him. He was as excited as a puppy. And the playdate we attended was at a house that has all boys, so it was full of all the things he loves most - tools, toy guns, super-hero paraphernalia (I don't know how he got into super-heroes, but it happened!), etc. He had a wonderful time. I did too! It was so nice to see other moms and get out for a while.

Of course, the two hours of just sitting and talking was enough to put me under the table for the rest of the day, but that's okay! And I missed our midwife's pregnant-mommy meeting again, but I'll try again in two weeks.

Tomorrow will be a rather nerve-wracking experience - we will be meeting our late pediatrician's replacement doctor. There has been a series of substitutes in the office until now, but the practice has finally sold to a new permanent owner. I'm taking both kids in for their check-ups, and it will be the first time we've been in the office since our pediatrician's funeral last February.

Thus, tomorrow the decision will have to be made - do we stick with this new chap, or move on? I want and need a pediatrician to (1) practice non-interventive medicine, and (2) be okay with all of our counter-culture craziness - midwife-assisted homebirth, longterm breastfeeding, non-vaccination, etc. I don't want a pediatrician who will be constantly disapproving of my decisions or trying to convince me into things that I'm not comfortable with. However, most pediatricians just don't possess that level of utter awesomeness. Too bad!

And by that statement, I don't mean that a pediatrician has to be a homebirther or a non-vaccinator himself - just that he enthusiastically supports the rights of parents to practice informed consent and non-consent. Unfortunately, many (most) pediatricians follow the doctrine of "do what I tell you or else get out."

And, if you think about it, that is very odd! The definition of a good parent is one who does his own research, thinks thoughtfully through issues, and carefully makes a decision based on that information for the good of his child - regardless of whether or not that decision agrees with current advice, trends, or fashions. But much of the time, our culture and our medical system define "good parenting" as "doing what we tell you without asking questions." Seriously???

So, tomorrow will tell! Thankfully I already know which ped we will immediately transfer to if this chap doesn't work out, so it won't be tragic if he's not a winner - if that utter awesomeness has eluded his grasp. :)

With two kids to watch and two check-ups to do, I don't think I'll have the time to fire off interview-type questions, but we should be able to see his reaction to our non-vax decision, and I may try to add homebirth to the general conversation to see his reaction. Hopefully that will do well enough to sound him out! I don't want to waste time in ambiguity while waiting for him to show his true colors. 

Well, I have more to write, but I need to get down to the business of starting this day. I will try to check in soon! Love to all! 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Curriculum Woes

Now that I have my brain (mostly) back, my mind has, over the past week or two, turned to the issue of homeschool curriculum choices. And to my dismay, I find that I am now having doubts about the selection that I have happily had in mind for the past year or more.

Great timing, considering that I should already have ordered and should be starting in the next week or so!!

My original selection is an award-winning package curriculum that is a "real books" curriculum - for literature, language arts and history, it relies almost exclusively upon real books - that is, books from or based on the time being studied - rather than textbooks.

I find this approach immensely sensible. When I look back over my academic career, I remember almost nothing of the history that I learned from textbooks. Zilch, zero, nada. But I can still remember vivid details of history that I learned from, say, Laura Ingals Wilder books, or Jane Austen, or other period literature. That sort of thing sticks. Textbooks don't, for the most part. 

So I love that part about it. No doubts as to the quality or the approach.

My nagging concern about this program is the time required to implement it. It starts out with a couple of hour a day for kindergarten and skyrockets from there. And while some people might be okay with that, I have always believed that one of the huge benefits of homeschooling is that one can obtain a top-notch education without spending all day doing school. After all, most (or much) time spent in public/private school is often wasted time - sitting and waiting, passing papers out or in, passing period, breaks, etc. It really is possible to get pure academics done in a short amount of time and then leave the rest of a homeschool family's time for "life" things - baking cookies together, going on trips, playing, going to the library, etc. etc. etc. - that's one of the main reasons for homeschooling!

So the thought of having a time-intensive program does worry me, especially as one can expect the time required to mount exponentially when one adds more than one child into the mix.

And then there's the question of whether or not young children even need a formal curriculum. There's a lot of comfort in a prepackaged curriculum, but a lot of my veteran homeschooling friends maintain that young children need only some very basic academics (math and phonics) and then learn the rest of what they need from an active family life that includes tons of activities and trips and other mind-stimulating stuff. And I do concur on that "life" part - kids learn SO much from just being exposed to activities and places.

A dear friend of mine (who has produced two utterly amazing sons, one a geologist and the other a seminarian) maintains that all one needs in order to homeschool young children is a math curriculum and a library card. Considering the results that she has produced, I'm definitely not going to argue with her!

So I'm thinking of just starting this year with a math book and a phonics program, and focusing on filling the rest of our time with fun stuff that's also good for learning - reading aloud, cooking, baking, board games, trips, MOMS Club activities, local events, library, parks, etc. - and then seeing where we go from there.

But I'm not sure. 

Homeschooling mamas out there, I would love to hear from you your opinions!!

Thanks for listening to my rant!!

Saturday (16w4d)

Happy weekending, everyone!!

Last night I went out at night for the first time this pregnancy - to a ladies' board game night at our church. It was absolutely wonderful, even though I needed to leave early, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I love all-women events!! There's nothing quite like group female energy and fun, and it was a great time.

Besides baby showers and wedding showers, this was actually the first women's event I've been to in..... well, at least two years. Probably more. It's been a while, and I have really missed it.

Hoping they do more of these types of events!!

Then after I got home, we fulfilled a long-time promise to our eldest and had a family sleepover in the living room. DH on the couch, baby and I on the mattress, and DS on the floor. Oddly enough, I got better sleep than usual! It was fun.

I am doing really well. Stable on 24 mg Zofran and 6 Diclectin, hoping to cut something out again next week (not sure what). Feeling little tiny baby kicks off and on, though nothing in the "wow!!!" category yet. Maybe in a week or two!

The Chublet reached another milestone this past week - he reached a willingness to be put in the door bouncer!!! Hurray!!! Last month it was the exersaucer, and now the door bouncer. Good stuff, though it really is too long for him (lengthwise - he's almost kneeling, though I've shortened it as far as it will go). Of course, he still doesn't want to put his feet down, but we're getting there. One of his major challenges toward mobility is that he absolutely hates to put any weight through his hips. Most babies do that automatic stepping when you hold them up, but he immediately tucks his legs up and refuses to put any weight through them. Not good for someone who should have been walking a year ago! But we are progressing.

Speaking of the Chublet, I have been trying to find out if there is a Bumbo seat that holds larger children, as he is now over the 22 lb. weight limit for the normal Bumbo. Well, there is! And guess how much it costs? As opposed to $40 for a new baby-Bumbo, the slightly bigger Bumbo is two hundred dollars. I was reading reviews on it and someone said that companies feel that they can slap a ridiculous ticket price on anything labelled "special needs," and I guess that's the truth! So much for the bigger Bumbo.

Well, off to do all those Saturday morning things - and to route the sleepier members of the family out of bed!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday (16w1d)

Hey, everyone!

Life over here in the parched desert is going well. Feeling better by ever-so-slight increments every day. There is no doubt that I have been so very, very blessed with this pregnancy. Still tired all the time and nauseated to various degrees constantly (everywhere from "minimal" to "hibernating in the bedroom" types of nausea), but on the whole this has been much easier than my last pregnancy (which was much easier than the one before that).

* Serious TMI alert *

If you're still reading, you have been warned.

This past week I realized, with a sigh, that my body is - once again - coming apart. Specifically, my pelvis is loosening up to the point where I can tell that the bones are moving. This is not something I noticed during my firstborn's pregnancy, but last time it showed up in force. The most noticeable part (this is really gross) is that I could notice the bones of the symphisis pubis rubbing against each other when I rocked back and forth between feet. At the time, I thought that it was beyond cool. That was before I realized how much discomfort I was going to be in! Now it creeps me out, and I am doing everything I can do to walk so that I can be in denial that it's happening again - i.e. so that I don't feel it. I need to get back to my chiropractor! (But being that I barter for adjustments with meals, that means I have to start cooking. Oh, my.)

Additionally, breastfeeding has gone from "mildly uncomfortable" to "yeouch!" It's not at serious pain levels, and I'm hoping it stays that way. This is pretty much the point where we ended up weaning last time, due to discomfort and loss of supply, so it will be interesting to see if we can muscle through this or not.

* End TMI alert *

The other day I went outside during the evening to play with our son, pretty much for the first time since I started feeling yucky. Didn't last long, because it is brutally hot, but it was interesting. Saw some of our neighbors whom I haven't seen for months.

Again, I find it interesting how easy it is to forget how life used to be pre-NVP - even though that was only three months ago! Every time I recuperate, it's really like learning life all over again. I can't believe how easily I forget things - how I did cleaning routines, how I planned meals, etc.

So thankful to be this far along!!

Have a great evening, all!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday (15w5d)

Hello, world!!

Made it to church today!! Third week in a row!!! The world is my oyster.

And it is so very lovely to be back among church family!!

Of course, we got there late.... only to realize that not only had we forgotten something (the kids' sheet I mentioned yesterday), but I'd forgotten that I'd left some whites soaking in an absurdly strong bleach solution at home..... so after spending a moment in undecided angst, we headed right back home again to right the wrongs and then return. Made it for the sermon, at least! (Though we missed the hymn sing.)

This afternoon I had my first post-diet dessert - we went out for ice cream!! Hurray!! A lot of fun, but sheesh! When did going out for ice cream become akin to investing in gold bullion? Almost fifteen dollars for three small ice creams? YIKES! If that is the way ice cream is going, we definitely can't do that very often!

Have dropped from seven diclectin down to six. I can definitely tell the difference, but I am holding the line, so I'll stay here and then try to reduce again in a week or so. Still on 24 mg per day Zofran.

As I slowly but steadily continue to feel better, my mind is turning to the more cheerful and exciting thoughts of later pregnancy, birth plans, and new baby things! So much fun!! I don't need to start prepping birth supplies yet, but it's just around the corner. Planning for a birth is so much fun. As of now I'm planning for a water labor, maybe a water birth.... we have a fun birth team, and it's going to be a lot of fun. Especially if I manage to get that birth cake made before labor kicks in for good! Yum.

Well, enough mooching - back to life. Feeling too nauseated to want to do anything, but I need to go shower and straighten up the house. Only 10 days before I have to start cooking.... yuck-o!! :)

Love to all!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday (15w4d)

Happy weekending, all!

Life here is going well. I am officially off the diet but am doing really well, all things considered. Yesterday morning, for the first time in a long time, I felt like a normal person. Still nauseated, but it was just wonderful. In fact, on Friday I actually cleaned our half-bathroom! I was so happy about that.

I've been wanting to clean that bathroom for about a week.... ever since one of our therapists asked to use the bathroom, and afterwards I went in to see what she must have seen..... ladies, it was ugly. Last time I was pregnant, I had only one child in diapers, so I had no idea what little boys are capable of doing to an ordinary bathroom when there's no mum around to do damage control. It's ugly. But much better now!

Today I really overdid it and am paying for it in subsequent exhaustion.... but life is still good. I am so thankful to be on the upward swing.

And yesterday DH and I sat down and went through the three months of neglected mail! Even better.

Tomorrow is church - hurray! And I am going to be trying these sheets (the younger version) to see if they interest our five-year-old. Hurray for wonderful bloggers who come up with such splendid ideas! I receive a world of inspiration from such godly, creative and devoted women who take the time to blog about their homemaking and parenting. (My favorites are on the sidebar!!)

Happy Sabbath!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Interesting Post

Hi, everyone!

I copied this post from into my HG research document about six months ago. Unfortunately, I can no longer find the original post (if anyone else has it, let me know so I can link). However, I wanted to share it with you all because the diet that this HG mama devised for herself - very successfully - bears an eerie resemblance to the diet that I have done this time around. This mother has no ties to Dr. Fox, so this is a case of the same conclusions arising from two separate lines of research.

I also wanted to post this because this mama, unlike myself, is a severe-HG mama, so the evidence of her testimony bears more weight than mine does (being that the HG I experienced with our firstborn was of a "milder" type).

According to a later post on this thread (that is, according to my best memory), the baby from this pregnancy was lost at 16 weeks. However, that was not due to viability issues but to an immune condition of the mother's. Thus, the mother was able to avoid HG (having had severe HG repeatedly in the past) using only the diet she devised for sixteen weeks, which is a pretty good testimony!

So... let me know what you think! Here it is:

(Later note: Here is the link (thanks, Jen!) - make sure to go through the comments too.)


ok friends, maybe it is to early to say, but I think I have a miracle here and you guys need to hear it. I have had 9 HG pregnancies, 5 landed in late first trimester miscarriages, and one was born premie at 35 weeks due to a placenta abruption.

I suffered terribly as you all have, throwing up nothing but blood and bile week on end, no bowel movements for weeks, key tones coming out my ying yang, heart palpitations, lungs filling with fluid, swelling in my brain and skull, having to use a bed pan, unable to walk or stand, black and blue arms, blown veins, etc, etc.

Unfortunately I never had good docs and the nurses were most often terrible, crackering me and accusing me of being lazy and causing my own suffering.

Anyways, I spent this last year preparing for my next pregnancy, I was determined I would not have HG this time (bet you all been there) and because I do medical research and freelance writing (mostly naturopathically) I decided that no one was better able to help me than myself. The hospitals sure were no help!

I came up with a very strict care plan that I figured just may work to keep me out of hospital.

I am in my sixth week of pregnancy, and guess what? I have not thrown up once! By my 5th week I am usually hospitalized I am SO sick. Today, I am going to visit friends, going for walks, etc. I am having my HCG monitored, so I will keep you posted as I hear back each week. I know it may be too early to say that what I am doing is the cause for how well I am, but I am hoping this is a viable pregnancy and my program is in deed working. I will share it with you guys now in the hopes that it may help, even one person. Please pass it along, as well I am not sure if I can post this to other threads?

First I will explain a few things about the body.

1)When our blood sugar spikes, even when we are not pregnant, it can cause a variety of symptoms, hot flashes and nausea are a few common ones. The most important thing a HG girl can do is make absolutely sure your blood sugar stays level all the time. Once out of control it will be some hard work to regain that control but it can be done. You may crave sugary treats, ice-cream, etc. Do not do it - it is not worth it - it will set you way back. Any ways, it does not taste so good coming up as it did going down!

2)During pregnancy our bodies need protein, and when we do not give it what it wants it will tell us it is not pleased in a variety of ways. HG is the way our bodies are telling us we need far more protein and a balance in blood sugar levels.

3) Hunger with HG ladies is usually not felt in the tummy with typical hunger sensations, we feel hunger in the sensation of nausea, weakness, dizziness, shakiness, etc. One of the most important things for us to do is never, never, never allow more than 1/2 hour to 1 hour go by without eating at least 5 grams of protein. One boiled egg is about 6 grams protein. If we keep our tummies constantly digesting protein, our bodies will naturally re-stabilize and count on the level blood sugar, and the nausea will subside. At first I forced myself to eat protein, now I can do it without the fight.

4) When we get dehydrated our nausea will get out of control as our blood concentrates with pregnancy hormones and the like. We need to find ways of staying hydrated and the IV unfortunately causes imbalances in electrolytes and this causes worse nausea. I have found whey protein isolate shakes with frozen fruit and water every 1-2 hours keeps me feeling awesome! (1/2 cup frozen fruit, 25 grams protein (1 large scoop), water to liquefy and stevia)

Here is what I recommend:

1)Absolutely nothing sweet (no banana's, sugar, honey, syrup, etc) with the exception of things slightly sweetened with Stevia.

2)Every single thing I eat must be well over 50% protein. That means I am living off of unflavoured whey protein isolate shakes with frozen fruit, almonds, almond butter, hemp protein shakes, chicken, eggs, beef, baked fish, canned fish, lots of cottage cheese, and a few multigrain corn chips to nibble on between shakes.

3)No high carb foods at all, no bread, cereal, treats, potatoes, rice, pasta, etc. No sauces of any sort, no preservatives, flavors, colors, sweeteners, etc. Just protein, that is the key here. At least until the HG is under control and lessened.

4) 2x500 mg ginger root pills every 4 hours during the day totally no more than 4 grams ginger root a day.

5)3x50mg B6 pills a day, and do not start day with it. I am doing this, but have not found when I miss it there is much difference. But if I miss my protein, I get hot, queezy and sick.

6) 1 tbsp certified pharmaceutical grade fish oil and 1 tbsp organic flax oil per day (maybe around bed time). A lack of Omega 3's will really mess us up, this is important. Baby takes stores from our brains if we do not get them ingested, this can lead to depression and worse ppd (postpartum depression).

7) Sleep with 2 drops of spearmint essential oils on pillow.

2x100mg progesterone x2 daily (vaginally)

9) 4-5 x 1000 IU's vitamin D drops

10) 250mg magnesium

11) When you sleep, sleep with a sleep mask on so you are in pitch black. You will feel welly rested when you wake up. Having a fan blowing on you helps as well.

That is what I have been doing, and even though I am not feeling perfect, I am not throwing up and I can be up and about a lot. I am not nauseated. I will let you guys know if my HCG levels are rising. If they are, we are on to something here - likely my next success book in the making!

Friday (15w3d)

One plus about skipping a blogging day - time seems to pass more quickly! Wow, almost halfway through this week!

The last few days have been wacky around here. DH took Wednesday off because we had so many things going on with the car repairs that he really needed the time to take care of them. However, he then unexpectedly ended up taking off both Thursday and today (Friday) as one of his monthly headaches hit in full force. We're just cringing as to how his boss is going to react to that one.

DH gets debilitating headaches about once a month, and they usually follow the same triphasic pattern - warning headache, true headache (bad), then another true headache that is even worse but thankfully briefer. The entire process can take upwards of three days, and it usually eats up all of his sick time and some vacation time on top of it. I've never been able to talk him into seeing a doctor about it, though we do know that his headaches vanished completely when he was doing a low carb diet a few years ago. We've never been able to narrow down what exactly the cause of that was - was it the low carb? The wheat elimination? The vegetables??? I wish that we could know what it was so that we could reincorporate it into our lifestyle!

Anyhow, moving on.

DH and DS had a wonderful time at one of our local play places (in the break between phase II and phase III headaches last night!!) at the invitation of a sweet friend of ours (thank you!!). Our little guy hasn't had a lot of chances to run off energy this summer (hopefully to change soon), so that was just wonderful.

And..... yesterday I did something tremendous (prepare yourself!) - I dusted and vacuumed!! Is that amazing, or WHAT? Not saying that I did a good job (I didn't), but it was very satisfying.

Lovely monsoon last night - we didn't get the rain, but we did get the wind, which I love.

Two more weeks till we have DH's family over for our littlest guy's birthday. Do I even try to attack the effects of three months of housecleaning neglect, or just give up and say "I've been sick! Ignore the dirt!" Possibly a combination of the two.

Okay, off to try to do this day. This weekend, church again - hurray! Going to try to make it for the third time in a row, which would be lovely.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tuesday (15w1d)

Sorry I didn't check in yesterday! Yesterday was just one of those blech days when I moped around the house feeling yucky and falling asleep in random places.

But, on the bright side, we are at fifteen weeks!! Inching closer to that magical 20 weeks - I remember that by last time I felt pretty close to okay by 20 weeks, so hoping for the same this time. Especially as I have promised to start cooking in two weeks! (Yuck!)

This has been a crazy week. Remember how we had both of our cars in the shop last week? Well, all of the problems that we got "fixed" - on both cars! - reappeared this week in full force, plus some, so we are currently having a repeat of last week in having cars in and out - and in and out - of the shop.

Plus therapy for baby, plus flood irrigation, plus yard work, plus dentist appointments, etc. Very tiring!

My new midwife holds a biweekly discussion/fellowship group for her expecting clients (and any other expectant mamas who want to come), and I really wanted to attend last night - but just couldn't manage it. Nights are still the worst time, and by the time late afternoon/early evening rolls around, I am ready to collapse. Hopefully soon! I'd love to hook up with this group - it sounds like a lot of fun.

But, as I said before, I can still tell that I'm getting a lot better - very thankful for that. Very thankful not to have to get up to eat during the night, or to have to eat before getting out of bed - very nice.

You know, *foodment* the cliches about pickles and pregnant women really are true. Pickles are wonderful. I'm eating a ton of them right now, and they work wonderfully to cover up the taste of other food. Thank goodness for pickles! And for Sprouts and Trader Joe's, who carry dye-free pickles!!! Have you ever wondered why on earth pickle companies ever started pumping their pickles full of yellow dye? I mean, they really look so much better without the ghostly yellow glow. Very odd. *End foodment*

Back to normal life, have a great day, all!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday (14w6d)

One more day, and then HELLO fifteen weeks!!! :)

Announcement of the day: Until further notice, the diet and I are officially parting ways!! Hurray! Eating carbs is pure heaven, let me tell you!! I'm still trying not to take it overboard (i.e. still eating lots of protein and going lightly with simple carbs), but I'm no longer keeping strictly to VLC.

Now the question: Did the diet WORK? Good question. I will be writing a long and boring analysis at a later date, probably at around 20 weeks. In the meantime, I'll be thinking it over. Unfortunately there's no really clear-cut answer.

Yesterday was a good day. I made it to church again (hurray!!) and really enjoyed it. Two months of being out is a long time!! Then, because DH and DS were super-late getting home, I got to do even more work on my files, and am almost done with decluttering all of our files! So much fun.

This year I finally got the guts to admit that I am never, never, never going to get around to all those Martha Stewart projects that I cut out of her magazine because they were so gorgeous. I'm just not the crafty type and never will be, so it was just lovely to dump about ten pounds of craft cuttings out of my personal files. Reality may be sobering, but it's also a relief not to hold oneself to impossible and unnatural standards! Farewell, hand-beaded Christmas ornaments and hand-stitched napkin holders! Such a relief. 

Forgot to mention that we got to see DH's sister on TV last week - she was doing a national singing competition and was one of the Western finalists. We found that she was given a short spot - only part of her song was shown, but considering that a lot of contestants were skipped altogether, she was lucky to be shown at all. A lot of fun.

However, as we watched the show, I found myself reflecting that I'm glad we don't watch a lot of TV (for us it's usually just sports for DH and super-old movies for the two of us). I was really shocked at the crudeness and rudeness of the judges, and even more so at the commercials. It's really true that America is constantly seeking (and finding) new lows in media expression! I was really glad to turn it off when my SIL's part was over.

Okay, off to do something productive!! Have an awesome day, everyone!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday (14w5d)

Happy Sabbath, all!

Just back from my second week at church! Tiring, but I'm so thankful to be back among my church family. Just lovely!

Yesterday was an absolutely fabulous day! Didn't feel that awesome, but with DH and our eldest out of the house on their second attempt at a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's (successful!), I had a marvelous time cleaning out files (I love throwing things away!) and going through toys to de-junk them and straighten. Lovely! With a few breaks, I kept at it - slowly! - most of the day and got a lot done.

And it was so nice not to be interrupted every 30 seconds, or see my work being undone almost as soon as it was finished!!

And, to be honest, it was lovely to have some alone time. I have an intense craving for periods of solitude (probably the result of growing up as an only child), and with a growing family that just doesn't happen! In fact, looking back, I think that I can say that that was one of the biggest stresses following the birth of our firstborn - having to learn how to deal with never being alone.

So I thoroughly enjoyed my day!

DH and DS are about 15 minutes from home now, so family life will resume as normal. But with clean files, hurray!!

I am starting to feel the dawn of a great desire to rip apart the house and clean/declutter/organize it. Don't have the energy to follow through yet, but hopefully that will come. Bring it on!!

I am getting better rapidly, I believe - faster than I ever have. Frankly, I think we really must have a girl in there. That is, if it is a boy, I shall probably go through the rest of my life with a permanently shocked expression on my face. This pregnancy has been so very different!

I'm going to wait one more week and then try again to start tapering medications. Right now I'm on 24 mg Zofran and 7 Diclectin per day. I'd like to start dropping that. I think last time I was able to taper to zero meds by around the early 30-something week mark. Sooner would be better if I can swing it!

Love to all, have a wonderful Sabbath!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday (14w4d)

Happy weekending, all!

And don't you love the uber-creative blog entry names I've been coming up with these past few months? LOL! At least they will be easy to search through for the future!

Baby and I are once again on our own today, so I have begun tackling the paper nightmare. You've no idea what three solid months of utter neglect can do! My tasks for today (some are done or partly done) - clean out 2010's files, file AWANA and preschool papers, update 2011 tax notebook with medical and mileage records, update car records notebook, go through my own clutter, file, etc. Too bad I have only one day! But I'll have to be careful not to overdo it anyhow - easy to do since I'm feeling pretty okay-ish.

Have a great weekend, all! Going to try to make it to church again tomorrow, so that will be tomorrow's adventure.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday (14w3d)

Moving closer to 15 weeks!!!

Last time I remember that time crawled until 20 weeks, which was when I wanted it to slow down - at which point it sped up drastically - looks like it'll be the same this time!

Yesterday was okay, not bad at all. Experimenting with all the wild and wonderful things that can be done with *foodment* low-carb tortillas. Delicious. *End foodment* This is probably going to be the part of the pregnancy where I gain a ridiculous amount of weight from being so hungry. Oh, well. There are worse things! (Like active HG!! So I'm not complaining!!!)

Tomorrow I will once again be on my own, and I have decided that instead of cleaning (which is a bit pointless since I can't maintain it right now), I am going to tackle the paperwork monster, which is also less energy intensive. Not only have I still not cleared 2010's papers out of our files, I haven't been keeping up on our records for taxes, or dealing with paper clutter, or filing, or anything like that. Not to mention that DH hasn't opened any mail since I started feeling badly two months ago - not that I'm going to take on that disaster, but I can at least clear my own papers out of the way so the mail is easier for him to find.

That and I'll probably take advantage of a child-free moment to go through DS's room and the front-room toys (i.e. to throw out a bunch of clutter). DS is the biggest trash packrat I've ever met! I don't remember being so attached to every bit of waste paper and string and broken plastic etc. I usually maintain a steady stream of secret trips to the trash can to keep things under control, but it's gotten bad these past few months.

Love to all out there!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday (14w2d)

Hey, all -

Hope everyone is doing well out there!

Not much new around here, just trying to keep life going and the kids fed while waiting to feel better and move on with life. I've told DH that I will start cooking dinner again in September, so I'll have to get it together by then.

I have been - I'm afraid - cheating on the VLC diet quite a bit these past few days. End result - right now I feel absolutely terrible!! However, I'm just SO tired of eating very-low-carb, and knowing that (most likely) the worst danger zone is past is making me reckless. Regular food just tastes so good! Of course, I'm not really eating high-carb - just more like low-carb as opposed to very-low-carb. But apparently my body doesn't approve!

We'll see whether my brain or my body wins the day. Results to come.

Have a good day, all......

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday (14w1d)

Howdy, all!


Yesterday started out normally, but as the day progressed..... all I could think about was food. Food that is NOT part of this diet I'm doing! Mostly pizza. :) So, by the end of the day, I broke down and gave in - and ate a burrito for dinner. Not even half, as intended - the whole thing!! I had them take out the rice and add meat, to make it higher-protein and lower-carb, but still - definitely not very low carb, LOL!

Well, first observation is that the above changes pretty much ruined a good vegetarian burrito. It didn't taste that great.

But more importantly, I enjoyed it thoroughly despite that! It was SO nice to eat something besides eggs, cheese, ham, and, um, well, that's about it. It was a blessed relief.

The after-effects?

Well, I can definitely see that there was a bad effect from it. Definitely a turn for the worse today. We'll have to see how the day plays out, because afternoons/evenings are always worse.

But for now, it was worth it. I may be planning more indiscretions soon. Not too soon, but soon.

I seem to recall that I lost my self-control with my first babe at about the same time. That's the HG pregnancy where I was on a liquid diet to control the vomiting. Right around the end of the first trimester I tossed it to the wind and started eating small bits of solid food again because I was at the end of my rope, even though it started the throwing-up cycle again. However, I think at this point that it's safer territory than, say, nine weeks, so going backward a little is okay - not catastrophic.

And yesterday I managed to COOK breakfast for our son! Scrambled eggs and toast, my goodness! I was so impressed with myself.

Just found out that I will be hosting DH's family in three weeks for our little guy's second birthday. I am exhausted just thinking about it! I love DH's family dearly, but hosting in-laws is stressful, especially with the state our house is in! Especially as both my SIL and my MIL should have their homes listed in House Beautiful. Even my normal housekeeping comes far, far below their standards, so NVP housekeeping levels are ten times below that, LOL!! We are going to take everyone out for pizza before coming back for cake, so it should be okay - hopefully I'll be able to eat some of it by then!!

Oh, and biggest news - BABY KICKS! Yes, really! The first real "that was a KICK!" was on Monday afternoon (13w6d), and since then I have felt definite movement, though most of it isn't quite that distinct.

Baby kicks are my favorite things in the world. Having now lived for thirty years (though I missed my birthday this year), I have not yet experienced anything as wonderful as baby kicks. Looking forward to the next 26 weeks of them!!!

Speaking of birthdays, this summer (our birthday season) has been littered with botched birthdays and holidays. My birthday we ignored completely, by my request..... my FIL's birthday was horribly neglected (we just now bought him his present), as was my dad's.... our son's 5th birthday was vastly scaled down and our anniversary was also completely ignored. I don't think we'll have time to make them up, but we'll have to do better next year. Though I may request a dinner out to make up for the lost 30th birthday!! :)

My MIL told me a while ago that her 30th birthday was a horrible experience - it occurred when she was at death's door due to severe rheumatoid arthritis, and she remembers looking in the mirror and feeling like death and not caring a bit about her birthday.

Well, back to it! I'm so glad to be on the upward march, even if I am paying for the burrito. Love to all!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hurray for a new week!! Always so exciting to pass the week marker.

Yesterday was busy - a bit too busy! We had baby's therapy in the morning, and then our first midwife appointment in the afternoon - fun! We got to meet another of her students, as well as see our lovely chiropractor (just saying hi - she works in our midwife's office space) and had fun chatting. It was a lot of fun. I also asked what hospitals she transports to and found that our choice of hospitals is among them, so that was good!! (Though hopefully the issue will never come up!)

We also had a lot of activity yesterday getting the cars too and from the shop to be fixed - thankfully car #1 is fixed and car #2 should be done today. Hurray!

After our midwife's appointment we came home and I felt good and YUCK for the rest of the day. Either the high activity levels, or the heat, or too many blueberries, or a combination thereof - or just randomness - but it was yucky. Oh, well! A good day otherwise.

Fighting the urge to go out and eat every bit of junk food I can lay my hands on. :)

I'm hoping that I'll get a good couple of months of nesting energy at the end of this thing so that I can repair the damage being done to the house through neglect (plus hubby plus kids!). With my first pregnancy, I only got about three hours of nesting energy (the night before our labor started) - I think my body was just too exhausted from the HG to pick up on any nesting signals. With our last, I did get about two months of energy/motivation - hoping for the same thing this time!

Have a good day, all!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday (13w6d)

Yesterday.... I FINALLY made it to church!! Hurray! Felt like I'd conquered a small country. Fun, though utterly exhausting. How can getting the family in the car, driving over and sitting for an hour and a half and then coming home feel like having run a marathon??

I was pretty much shot for the rest of the day. But it was fun. 

It felt distinctly odd to be back - like it had been years and years. It's actually been just on two months. Since I've been there last, an entire BUILDING has been built on what was a dirt lot when last I saw it! My goodness.

Feeling crummy but still much better. Sticking to the diet, though doing a lot of cheating with *foodment* blueberries. And technically the cottage cheese is off-limits too, but I figure it's low-carb/high-protein enough to work at this point in the game. Counting down till September - my first adventure is definitely going to be a vegetarian burrito; hopefully it won't result in catastrophe.

I must admit that I am having a hard time missing out on summer fruit. This is the first time I've been pregnant over the summer, and seeing all of the fruit pass me by is hard! I usually pretty much live on fruit between June and September. Well, at least I'll be back in things for the holidays and Lepkuchen Day. Small consolation, but something! *End foodment*

I was talking to a friend yesterday about being newly pregnant over summer. Now having done it both ways, I must say that I much prefer having the end of pregnancy during the summer months than the beginning of pregnancy. When it comes to end-of-pregnancy discomforts or nausea, I'd much rather have the former during hot months than the nausea. What do you all think?

It's just a few weeks till AWANA and preschool start up, so hopefully my energy levels will rise in time to meet those challenges. Also, I'm hoping to start our homeschool curriculum in September, and I still haven't even ordered that! Hopefully soon.

I have been thinking about homeschooling and the homeschooling calendar, and it came to me that it might be fun to do something crazy like start the school year in May! I utterly despise Phoenix summers, so that would keep us indoors during the horrible months around here, and we could do bigger breaks during the pleasant months. It would mean messing with my life-long habits of associating September with the start of school, but it might be fun, though it would mean being out of sync with the rest of the known world. What do you think? Anyone out there do something similar?

DH is telecommuting today so that he can see to getting the cars worked on, which is going well. One car is done, the other is on its way! Hurray! We are going to have to see about exchanging one of our cars for a vehicle that will hold three car seats, so that will be a challenge for this coming fall.

Have a great day, all!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday (13w5d)

Yesterday was okay! I think I've caught the upward trend at last. But no guarantees. However, I am noticing small improvements. Being able to go longer without eating, sometimes not having to get up during the night to eat - and I no longer have to eat before getting out of bed in the mornings! I get something as soon as I get up, but I don't have to munch before putting my feet on the ground. Very nice. Still feel crummy and exhausted most of the time, but hey, not bad.

Yesterday was to be a big day - DH and our eldest were taking off for a 24 hour overnight trip to Grandma and Grandpa's. Our son had been wanting to go for some time, and since I don't think I'll be able to go for a while, we planned that the two of them would go up. This was going to be the first night that DH had been away from our little guy, and the first night ever (in over five years) that I had been away from our eldest. He's been ready for it for quite some time (as have I!), but definitely an adventure.

After they took off, I spent about an hour mooching on the bed. Then I decided that I would like to attempt some small bit of cleaning, so I gave it a go. I knew that there was no chance I could pull off something crazy like vacuuming the whole house, or anything like that, so I picked the least dirty room in the house - our room - and just went in there to see what I could do on very limited energy reserves!

I didn't do too badly! I managed to dust and vacuum in there, as well as straightening up, dealing vaguely with some clutter, and changing the bed linens. I didn't even try to tackle the master bath. (Though I am quickly learning what toilets start to look like when mommy is too sick to clean and there are young boys in the house. Enough said.) Of course, that little bit took me two hours, but I was very pleased with myself.

And there is no way I could have accomplished that at this point in my last pregnancy - no way! That would have been in the 20+ week mark. As I've said, I have been blessed.

Anyhow, about two hours in I got a phone call from DH saying that they were broken down (this seems to be a habit of our family). At first they were hoping to replace the battery and continue on, but it turned out to be the alternator and they had to come back. Disappointment on all sides! But the trip has been rescheduled, so we'll give it another go next time.

Have a good night, all!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Adding Two More....

To my list of Goals & Wishes for Pregnancy & Birth! I'll copy these into the original doc, too.

Short Second Stage

Most women love the pushing phase during a birth. They feel that they can get involved and be an active participant rather than a bystander (of sorts). I'm the opposite! I really don't like pushing. First time it was an hour or two, second time was..... oh, 20-30 minutes, not sure. But I would LOVE to have one of those one-or-two push births - that would be lovely!

Again, any ladies out there who have not experienced a birth yet, take heart - as I've said - most women really enjoy the pushing phase.

A Butter Birth!

A butter birth is a phrase used by midwives to describe a birth that is quick, easy, and where the baby slips out easily "like butter." I would love one of these! Can I put my order in now, please?

Meanwhile, On the Other Blog....

I finally finished writing up the story of our breastfeeding adventures with our little guy! Just in time for World Breastfeeding Week, and also just in time for his second birthday. Think it took long enough? Check it out if you're interested on my other blog!

Saturday (13w4d)

Well, I finally missed a day of blogging! No real reason, just laziness and fatigue. Ah, well.

Thursday was an exceptionally good day. No serious nausea anywhere. It was just lovely.

And as a result, on Friday I got.... too cocky for my own good. I messed around with my medication schedule in a big way. Late on this dose, skipped this dose.... and then paid for it. Bad idea. Yesterday was yucky. Today I am back to my strict schedule, and am planning to stay there! Earlier this week I successfully shaved off one dose of Diclectin, but I think I need to wait a few weeks before making any more changes.

Last night our eldest burst into the front room and declared dramatically, "Daddy, you have to come! It's a 'mergency! There's a big bug on the wall with those clampy-clampy things!!" I thought he must mean an earwig, considering that he knows very well what a scorpion is, but indeed it was a scorpion. Scorpion dispatched, crisis over. It was extremely amusing! He can be so dramatic - quite the drama king.

We are extremely used to scorpions in this house. Nowadays we don't get that many - sometimes none for a month or more during the winter, more in the summer - but when we moved in the house was infested and we found several a day. Even I, the consummate nature-lover, became accustomed to killing them.

Well, I am going to be on my own today (with baby).... I wonder what I should do? If I were by myself, I know exactly what I would do - that is, sleep all day - but I'll have to keep up some level of activity to amuse the little guy. Some part of me thinks that I should gird up my loins and try some housekeeping (haven't done any since early June), but another part of me is whispering caution, as we all know the end-result of overdoing things. I don't know. Can't say I actually want to clean, much as the accumulated grime bothers me. Sleep is much more inviting.

I am definitely going to try to make church tomorrow. Unfortunately I shall have to do it in a non-air-conditioned car, which makes me nervous about baby. However, I'm hoping that strategically-placed ice packs will make it okay. Suggestions, anyone?

Have a great day, all!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday (13w2d)

Hi, everyone!

Yesterday was not quite in the awesomeness category, but not too bad. I feel like the trend is still moving upwards, even though it's always a back-and-forth kind of deal.

I mentioned that the naturopathic physician mentioned a couple of supplements yesterday - here they are. They are by the company Thorne:

5-MTHF (this is a form of folate), 1 mg, 60 caps - cost at the college medicinary was $16.70, cost online is $17.50

B complex #6, 60 caps - cost at college medicinary was $14.50, cost online is $15.35

Now that I see that it was cheaper to buy in person, I wish I had done so!

So there you have it. I'm going to talk to the hubs about trying these out, so we'll see how they go.

* I forgot to mention earlier - the dosage is 2 caps of each per day, so this would be a one month supply for about $30. 

Moving on...

Yesterday we got some awesome news! One of the wonderful doulas who attended our last birth, Rose (you can see pics of her on my other blog under my birth story - she is AWESOME!) has become - as of yesterday - an apprentice midwife. AND, under whom should she be apprenticing but the very midwife we just decided to go with! Is that awesome, or what? I am so very excited. Rose was made to be a midwife, and I am very excited that we will get to be under her care during this pregnancy. It also felt like a confirmation that we made the right choice of care providers for this pregnancy.

Okay, off to work through this day!! August is countdown month!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday (13w1d)

Greetings, all!

Yesterday was quite decent - nothing to complain about in the scheme of things.

I'm telling you, either this diet is working, or we've got a girl, or.... both. This has been the easiest pregnancy ever. Sounds weird to say when I've just spent months feeling plain awful, but it pales in comparison to either of my two last. Not that I'm complaining!!!

Yesterday I trekked over to the naturopathic college for a vitamin shot. Interesting experience! I got a student who was new at giving IM injections, so she had an attending doctor giving her instructions while she did it. It is extremely scary to be given a shot by a student who is being actively coached by her teacher! "Okay, put your finger there, then move it over here, now put the needle in there, about halfway, etc. etc. etc." Yikes!!!! Scary!!

But in the end, it actually turned out really well. First of all, she did a great job. But secondly, the attending doctor had her use a smaller gauge needle than the others have, plus he added a spot of lidocaine to the mix - so not only did the shot hurt less, but there was none of the usual pain/burning that usually accompanies it! Wonderful!!

The doctor also gave me the name of two supplements to order online, and says that he believes I could probably stop coming in for shots if I got them. Hurray! I was planning on doing that anyway, or at least spacing them out, since I didn't notice any ill effects from skipping last week.

In other subjects:

Have been doing a good deal of cheating with *foodment* blueberries. Yum. Thankfully they're a rather low-carb fruit, as fruit goes (17g/cup), so hopefully it's an innocent indiscretion. *end foodment*

Thankfully we're also on the countdown till the end of August - my self-imposed "reintroduce carbs" date - because I am going to go stark raving mad otherwise.

We will have our first midwife appointment probably next week - should be fun!

Oh, and.... baby flutters? Just maybe? The kind that start off so slightly that one is not sure if they're real or not. But it's a start!

That and a tummy the size of the Louisiana Purchase. How does an infant two inches long need this much room???

Love to all!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday (13w0d)

Did you catch that? THIRTEEN WEEKS!! Hurray! Farewell, first trimester!!

There is no doubt that yesterday and these past few days have been better - much better - than average. I'm trying to (a) not count on it continuing, and (b) not overdo things (which I typically do when feeling better). But it is nice! I'm still feeling crummy, but just normal-crummy rather than super-crummy. Nice.

And last night was the BEST sleep I have had in months! No nightmares or upset tummies for the 5yo, no fussing from the 2yo, and I didn't even have to get up to eat! Just once for meds. It was lovely.

Yesterday DH walked in the door smelling to high heaven of whatever he had eaten for lunch - it was some Korean dish that involved kimchi - it was absolutely horrid! I couldn't get within ten feet of him. I have a hard time with people smells anyhow during pregnancy, but this really sent it over the edge. He ended up volunteering to sleep on the couch, and I exacted a promise that he would try to avoid such noisome food items until my nausea levels are at a level where I can handle things like that!! I'm sure that will be an amusing memory.

Anyhow, onto the second trimester! We have selected a midwife and are ready to move ahead, so that will be fun.

Hoping that this upward trend becomes permanent!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday (12w6d)

Hurray for August!! I always consider August to be the death-knell of summer, and that can't come too quickly for me. Of course, we still have at least three or more months of summer around here, but August is always the first sign of hope.

And HURRAY for the last day of the first trimester! That too can't come too quickly. Tomorrow I expect to wake up and find that all NVP has vanished! Mwa ha ha ha ha!!

Okay, but seriously, it is cheering to move into the second trimester. Tomorrow it is!

Yesterday was really quite decent! No complaints at all. Praying for a consistent trend!

Last night was quite an adventure. We've been having issues with our son waking up with nightmares, and last night starting at 2:00 a.m. he woke up crying every 15-30 minutes for the rest of the night. My goodness. And since having DH answer nocturnal calls of sick or crying children is.... let me put it gently.... absolutely disastrous for all involved, I was the responder to all nightmares. I spent a lot of time up and wandering the house last night!!

Praying for another good day today!