Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday (16w4d)

Happy weekending, everyone!!

Last night I went out at night for the first time this pregnancy - to a ladies' board game night at our church. It was absolutely wonderful, even though I needed to leave early, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I love all-women events!! There's nothing quite like group female energy and fun, and it was a great time.

Besides baby showers and wedding showers, this was actually the first women's event I've been to in..... well, at least two years. Probably more. It's been a while, and I have really missed it.

Hoping they do more of these types of events!!

Then after I got home, we fulfilled a long-time promise to our eldest and had a family sleepover in the living room. DH on the couch, baby and I on the mattress, and DS on the floor. Oddly enough, I got better sleep than usual! It was fun.

I am doing really well. Stable on 24 mg Zofran and 6 Diclectin, hoping to cut something out again next week (not sure what). Feeling little tiny baby kicks off and on, though nothing in the "wow!!!" category yet. Maybe in a week or two!

The Chublet reached another milestone this past week - he reached a willingness to be put in the door bouncer!!! Hurray!!! Last month it was the exersaucer, and now the door bouncer. Good stuff, though it really is too long for him (lengthwise - he's almost kneeling, though I've shortened it as far as it will go). Of course, he still doesn't want to put his feet down, but we're getting there. One of his major challenges toward mobility is that he absolutely hates to put any weight through his hips. Most babies do that automatic stepping when you hold them up, but he immediately tucks his legs up and refuses to put any weight through them. Not good for someone who should have been walking a year ago! But we are progressing.

Speaking of the Chublet, I have been trying to find out if there is a Bumbo seat that holds larger children, as he is now over the 22 lb. weight limit for the normal Bumbo. Well, there is! And guess how much it costs? As opposed to $40 for a new baby-Bumbo, the slightly bigger Bumbo is two hundred dollars. I was reading reviews on it and someone said that companies feel that they can slap a ridiculous ticket price on anything labelled "special needs," and I guess that's the truth! So much for the bigger Bumbo.

Well, off to do all those Saturday morning things - and to route the sleepier members of the family out of bed!

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