Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday (13w5d)

Yesterday was okay! I think I've caught the upward trend at last. But no guarantees. However, I am noticing small improvements. Being able to go longer without eating, sometimes not having to get up during the night to eat - and I no longer have to eat before getting out of bed in the mornings! I get something as soon as I get up, but I don't have to munch before putting my feet on the ground. Very nice. Still feel crummy and exhausted most of the time, but hey, not bad.

Yesterday was to be a big day - DH and our eldest were taking off for a 24 hour overnight trip to Grandma and Grandpa's. Our son had been wanting to go for some time, and since I don't think I'll be able to go for a while, we planned that the two of them would go up. This was going to be the first night that DH had been away from our little guy, and the first night ever (in over five years) that I had been away from our eldest. He's been ready for it for quite some time (as have I!), but definitely an adventure.

After they took off, I spent about an hour mooching on the bed. Then I decided that I would like to attempt some small bit of cleaning, so I gave it a go. I knew that there was no chance I could pull off something crazy like vacuuming the whole house, or anything like that, so I picked the least dirty room in the house - our room - and just went in there to see what I could do on very limited energy reserves!

I didn't do too badly! I managed to dust and vacuum in there, as well as straightening up, dealing vaguely with some clutter, and changing the bed linens. I didn't even try to tackle the master bath. (Though I am quickly learning what toilets start to look like when mommy is too sick to clean and there are young boys in the house. Enough said.) Of course, that little bit took me two hours, but I was very pleased with myself.

And there is no way I could have accomplished that at this point in my last pregnancy - no way! That would have been in the 20+ week mark. As I've said, I have been blessed.

Anyhow, about two hours in I got a phone call from DH saying that they were broken down (this seems to be a habit of our family). At first they were hoping to replace the battery and continue on, but it turned out to be the alternator and they had to come back. Disappointment on all sides! But the trip has been rescheduled, so we'll give it another go next time.

Have a good night, all!

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