Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday (15w5d)

Hello, world!!

Made it to church today!! Third week in a row!!! The world is my oyster.

And it is so very lovely to be back among church family!!

Of course, we got there late.... only to realize that not only had we forgotten something (the kids' sheet I mentioned yesterday), but I'd forgotten that I'd left some whites soaking in an absurdly strong bleach solution at home..... so after spending a moment in undecided angst, we headed right back home again to right the wrongs and then return. Made it for the sermon, at least! (Though we missed the hymn sing.)

This afternoon I had my first post-diet dessert - we went out for ice cream!! Hurray!! A lot of fun, but sheesh! When did going out for ice cream become akin to investing in gold bullion? Almost fifteen dollars for three small ice creams? YIKES! If that is the way ice cream is going, we definitely can't do that very often!

Have dropped from seven diclectin down to six. I can definitely tell the difference, but I am holding the line, so I'll stay here and then try to reduce again in a week or so. Still on 24 mg per day Zofran.

As I slowly but steadily continue to feel better, my mind is turning to the more cheerful and exciting thoughts of later pregnancy, birth plans, and new baby things! So much fun!! I don't need to start prepping birth supplies yet, but it's just around the corner. Planning for a birth is so much fun. As of now I'm planning for a water labor, maybe a water birth.... we have a fun birth team, and it's going to be a lot of fun. Especially if I manage to get that birth cake made before labor kicks in for good! Yum.

Well, enough mooching - back to life. Feeling too nauseated to want to do anything, but I need to go shower and straighten up the house. Only 10 days before I have to start cooking.... yuck-o!! :)

Love to all!

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