Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday (15w3d)

One plus about skipping a blogging day - time seems to pass more quickly! Wow, almost halfway through this week!

The last few days have been wacky around here. DH took Wednesday off because we had so many things going on with the car repairs that he really needed the time to take care of them. However, he then unexpectedly ended up taking off both Thursday and today (Friday) as one of his monthly headaches hit in full force. We're just cringing as to how his boss is going to react to that one.

DH gets debilitating headaches about once a month, and they usually follow the same triphasic pattern - warning headache, true headache (bad), then another true headache that is even worse but thankfully briefer. The entire process can take upwards of three days, and it usually eats up all of his sick time and some vacation time on top of it. I've never been able to talk him into seeing a doctor about it, though we do know that his headaches vanished completely when he was doing a low carb diet a few years ago. We've never been able to narrow down what exactly the cause of that was - was it the low carb? The wheat elimination? The vegetables??? I wish that we could know what it was so that we could reincorporate it into our lifestyle!

Anyhow, moving on.

DH and DS had a wonderful time at one of our local play places (in the break between phase II and phase III headaches last night!!) at the invitation of a sweet friend of ours (thank you!!). Our little guy hasn't had a lot of chances to run off energy this summer (hopefully to change soon), so that was just wonderful.

And..... yesterday I did something tremendous (prepare yourself!) - I dusted and vacuumed!! Is that amazing, or WHAT? Not saying that I did a good job (I didn't), but it was very satisfying.

Lovely monsoon last night - we didn't get the rain, but we did get the wind, which I love.

Two more weeks till we have DH's family over for our littlest guy's birthday. Do I even try to attack the effects of three months of housecleaning neglect, or just give up and say "I've been sick! Ignore the dirt!" Possibly a combination of the two.

Okay, off to try to do this day. This weekend, church again - hurray! Going to try to make it for the third time in a row, which would be lovely.

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