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I copied this post from into my HG research document about six months ago. Unfortunately, I can no longer find the original post (if anyone else has it, let me know so I can link). However, I wanted to share it with you all because the diet that this HG mama devised for herself - very successfully - bears an eerie resemblance to the diet that I have done this time around. This mother has no ties to Dr. Fox, so this is a case of the same conclusions arising from two separate lines of research.

I also wanted to post this because this mama, unlike myself, is a severe-HG mama, so the evidence of her testimony bears more weight than mine does (being that the HG I experienced with our firstborn was of a "milder" type).

According to a later post on this thread (that is, according to my best memory), the baby from this pregnancy was lost at 16 weeks. However, that was not due to viability issues but to an immune condition of the mother's. Thus, the mother was able to avoid HG (having had severe HG repeatedly in the past) using only the diet she devised for sixteen weeks, which is a pretty good testimony!

So... let me know what you think! Here it is:

(Later note: Here is the link (thanks, Jen!) - make sure to go through the comments too.)


ok friends, maybe it is to early to say, but I think I have a miracle here and you guys need to hear it. I have had 9 HG pregnancies, 5 landed in late first trimester miscarriages, and one was born premie at 35 weeks due to a placenta abruption.

I suffered terribly as you all have, throwing up nothing but blood and bile week on end, no bowel movements for weeks, key tones coming out my ying yang, heart palpitations, lungs filling with fluid, swelling in my brain and skull, having to use a bed pan, unable to walk or stand, black and blue arms, blown veins, etc, etc.

Unfortunately I never had good docs and the nurses were most often terrible, crackering me and accusing me of being lazy and causing my own suffering.

Anyways, I spent this last year preparing for my next pregnancy, I was determined I would not have HG this time (bet you all been there) and because I do medical research and freelance writing (mostly naturopathically) I decided that no one was better able to help me than myself. The hospitals sure were no help!

I came up with a very strict care plan that I figured just may work to keep me out of hospital.

I am in my sixth week of pregnancy, and guess what? I have not thrown up once! By my 5th week I am usually hospitalized I am SO sick. Today, I am going to visit friends, going for walks, etc. I am having my HCG monitored, so I will keep you posted as I hear back each week. I know it may be too early to say that what I am doing is the cause for how well I am, but I am hoping this is a viable pregnancy and my program is in deed working. I will share it with you guys now in the hopes that it may help, even one person. Please pass it along, as well I am not sure if I can post this to other threads?

First I will explain a few things about the body.

1)When our blood sugar spikes, even when we are not pregnant, it can cause a variety of symptoms, hot flashes and nausea are a few common ones. The most important thing a HG girl can do is make absolutely sure your blood sugar stays level all the time. Once out of control it will be some hard work to regain that control but it can be done. You may crave sugary treats, ice-cream, etc. Do not do it - it is not worth it - it will set you way back. Any ways, it does not taste so good coming up as it did going down!

2)During pregnancy our bodies need protein, and when we do not give it what it wants it will tell us it is not pleased in a variety of ways. HG is the way our bodies are telling us we need far more protein and a balance in blood sugar levels.

3) Hunger with HG ladies is usually not felt in the tummy with typical hunger sensations, we feel hunger in the sensation of nausea, weakness, dizziness, shakiness, etc. One of the most important things for us to do is never, never, never allow more than 1/2 hour to 1 hour go by without eating at least 5 grams of protein. One boiled egg is about 6 grams protein. If we keep our tummies constantly digesting protein, our bodies will naturally re-stabilize and count on the level blood sugar, and the nausea will subside. At first I forced myself to eat protein, now I can do it without the fight.

4) When we get dehydrated our nausea will get out of control as our blood concentrates with pregnancy hormones and the like. We need to find ways of staying hydrated and the IV unfortunately causes imbalances in electrolytes and this causes worse nausea. I have found whey protein isolate shakes with frozen fruit and water every 1-2 hours keeps me feeling awesome! (1/2 cup frozen fruit, 25 grams protein (1 large scoop), water to liquefy and stevia)

Here is what I recommend:

1)Absolutely nothing sweet (no banana's, sugar, honey, syrup, etc) with the exception of things slightly sweetened with Stevia.

2)Every single thing I eat must be well over 50% protein. That means I am living off of unflavoured whey protein isolate shakes with frozen fruit, almonds, almond butter, hemp protein shakes, chicken, eggs, beef, baked fish, canned fish, lots of cottage cheese, and a few multigrain corn chips to nibble on between shakes.

3)No high carb foods at all, no bread, cereal, treats, potatoes, rice, pasta, etc. No sauces of any sort, no preservatives, flavors, colors, sweeteners, etc. Just protein, that is the key here. At least until the HG is under control and lessened.

4) 2x500 mg ginger root pills every 4 hours during the day totally no more than 4 grams ginger root a day.

5)3x50mg B6 pills a day, and do not start day with it. I am doing this, but have not found when I miss it there is much difference. But if I miss my protein, I get hot, queezy and sick.

6) 1 tbsp certified pharmaceutical grade fish oil and 1 tbsp organic flax oil per day (maybe around bed time). A lack of Omega 3's will really mess us up, this is important. Baby takes stores from our brains if we do not get them ingested, this can lead to depression and worse ppd (postpartum depression).

7) Sleep with 2 drops of spearmint essential oils on pillow.

2x100mg progesterone x2 daily (vaginally)

9) 4-5 x 1000 IU's vitamin D drops

10) 250mg magnesium

11) When you sleep, sleep with a sleep mask on so you are in pitch black. You will feel welly rested when you wake up. Having a fan blowing on you helps as well.

That is what I have been doing, and even though I am not feeling perfect, I am not throwing up and I can be up and about a lot. I am not nauseated. I will let you guys know if my HCG levels are rising. If they are, we are on to something here - likely my next success book in the making!


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