Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday (14w1d)

Howdy, all!


Yesterday started out normally, but as the day progressed..... all I could think about was food. Food that is NOT part of this diet I'm doing! Mostly pizza. :) So, by the end of the day, I broke down and gave in - and ate a burrito for dinner. Not even half, as intended - the whole thing!! I had them take out the rice and add meat, to make it higher-protein and lower-carb, but still - definitely not very low carb, LOL!

Well, first observation is that the above changes pretty much ruined a good vegetarian burrito. It didn't taste that great.

But more importantly, I enjoyed it thoroughly despite that! It was SO nice to eat something besides eggs, cheese, ham, and, um, well, that's about it. It was a blessed relief.

The after-effects?

Well, I can definitely see that there was a bad effect from it. Definitely a turn for the worse today. We'll have to see how the day plays out, because afternoons/evenings are always worse.

But for now, it was worth it. I may be planning more indiscretions soon. Not too soon, but soon.

I seem to recall that I lost my self-control with my first babe at about the same time. That's the HG pregnancy where I was on a liquid diet to control the vomiting. Right around the end of the first trimester I tossed it to the wind and started eating small bits of solid food again because I was at the end of my rope, even though it started the throwing-up cycle again. However, I think at this point that it's safer territory than, say, nine weeks, so going backward a little is okay - not catastrophic.

And yesterday I managed to COOK breakfast for our son! Scrambled eggs and toast, my goodness! I was so impressed with myself.

Just found out that I will be hosting DH's family in three weeks for our little guy's second birthday. I am exhausted just thinking about it! I love DH's family dearly, but hosting in-laws is stressful, especially with the state our house is in! Especially as both my SIL and my MIL should have their homes listed in House Beautiful. Even my normal housekeeping comes far, far below their standards, so NVP housekeeping levels are ten times below that, LOL!! We are going to take everyone out for pizza before coming back for cake, so it should be okay - hopefully I'll be able to eat some of it by then!!

Oh, and biggest news - BABY KICKS! Yes, really! The first real "that was a KICK!" was on Monday afternoon (13w6d), and since then I have felt definite movement, though most of it isn't quite that distinct.

Baby kicks are my favorite things in the world. Having now lived for thirty years (though I missed my birthday this year), I have not yet experienced anything as wonderful as baby kicks. Looking forward to the next 26 weeks of them!!!

Speaking of birthdays, this summer (our birthday season) has been littered with botched birthdays and holidays. My birthday we ignored completely, by my request..... my FIL's birthday was horribly neglected (we just now bought him his present), as was my dad's.... our son's 5th birthday was vastly scaled down and our anniversary was also completely ignored. I don't think we'll have time to make them up, but we'll have to do better next year. Though I may request a dinner out to make up for the lost 30th birthday!! :)

My MIL told me a while ago that her 30th birthday was a horrible experience - it occurred when she was at death's door due to severe rheumatoid arthritis, and she remembers looking in the mirror and feeling like death and not caring a bit about her birthday.

Well, back to it! I'm so glad to be on the upward march, even if I am paying for the burrito. Love to all!

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