Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday (14w6d)

One more day, and then HELLO fifteen weeks!!! :)

Announcement of the day: Until further notice, the diet and I are officially parting ways!! Hurray! Eating carbs is pure heaven, let me tell you!! I'm still trying not to take it overboard (i.e. still eating lots of protein and going lightly with simple carbs), but I'm no longer keeping strictly to VLC.

Now the question: Did the diet WORK? Good question. I will be writing a long and boring analysis at a later date, probably at around 20 weeks. In the meantime, I'll be thinking it over. Unfortunately there's no really clear-cut answer.

Yesterday was a good day. I made it to church again (hurray!!) and really enjoyed it. Two months of being out is a long time!! Then, because DH and DS were super-late getting home, I got to do even more work on my files, and am almost done with decluttering all of our files! So much fun.

This year I finally got the guts to admit that I am never, never, never going to get around to all those Martha Stewart projects that I cut out of her magazine because they were so gorgeous. I'm just not the crafty type and never will be, so it was just lovely to dump about ten pounds of craft cuttings out of my personal files. Reality may be sobering, but it's also a relief not to hold oneself to impossible and unnatural standards! Farewell, hand-beaded Christmas ornaments and hand-stitched napkin holders! Such a relief. 

Forgot to mention that we got to see DH's sister on TV last week - she was doing a national singing competition and was one of the Western finalists. We found that she was given a short spot - only part of her song was shown, but considering that a lot of contestants were skipped altogether, she was lucky to be shown at all. A lot of fun.

However, as we watched the show, I found myself reflecting that I'm glad we don't watch a lot of TV (for us it's usually just sports for DH and super-old movies for the two of us). I was really shocked at the crudeness and rudeness of the judges, and even more so at the commercials. It's really true that America is constantly seeking (and finding) new lows in media expression! I was really glad to turn it off when my SIL's part was over.

Okay, off to do something productive!! Have an awesome day, everyone!!

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