Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday (13w1d)

Greetings, all!

Yesterday was quite decent - nothing to complain about in the scheme of things.

I'm telling you, either this diet is working, or we've got a girl, or.... both. This has been the easiest pregnancy ever. Sounds weird to say when I've just spent months feeling plain awful, but it pales in comparison to either of my two last. Not that I'm complaining!!!

Yesterday I trekked over to the naturopathic college for a vitamin shot. Interesting experience! I got a student who was new at giving IM injections, so she had an attending doctor giving her instructions while she did it. It is extremely scary to be given a shot by a student who is being actively coached by her teacher! "Okay, put your finger there, then move it over here, now put the needle in there, about halfway, etc. etc. etc." Yikes!!!! Scary!!

But in the end, it actually turned out really well. First of all, she did a great job. But secondly, the attending doctor had her use a smaller gauge needle than the others have, plus he added a spot of lidocaine to the mix - so not only did the shot hurt less, but there was none of the usual pain/burning that usually accompanies it! Wonderful!!

The doctor also gave me the name of two supplements to order online, and says that he believes I could probably stop coming in for shots if I got them. Hurray! I was planning on doing that anyway, or at least spacing them out, since I didn't notice any ill effects from skipping last week.

In other subjects:

Have been doing a good deal of cheating with *foodment* blueberries. Yum. Thankfully they're a rather low-carb fruit, as fruit goes (17g/cup), so hopefully it's an innocent indiscretion. *end foodment*

Thankfully we're also on the countdown till the end of August - my self-imposed "reintroduce carbs" date - because I am going to go stark raving mad otherwise.

We will have our first midwife appointment probably next week - should be fun!

Oh, and.... baby flutters? Just maybe? The kind that start off so slightly that one is not sure if they're real or not. But it's a start!

That and a tummy the size of the Louisiana Purchase. How does an infant two inches long need this much room???

Love to all!


  1. What supplements did they suggest? Glad you had a good experience. I had a student at my consultant appointment and wasn't too happy about having an even bigger audience but I suppose they have to learn.

  2. I'm going to link to them from today's blog post!


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