Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday (13w0d)

Did you catch that? THIRTEEN WEEKS!! Hurray! Farewell, first trimester!!

There is no doubt that yesterday and these past few days have been better - much better - than average. I'm trying to (a) not count on it continuing, and (b) not overdo things (which I typically do when feeling better). But it is nice! I'm still feeling crummy, but just normal-crummy rather than super-crummy. Nice.

And last night was the BEST sleep I have had in months! No nightmares or upset tummies for the 5yo, no fussing from the 2yo, and I didn't even have to get up to eat! Just once for meds. It was lovely.

Yesterday DH walked in the door smelling to high heaven of whatever he had eaten for lunch - it was some Korean dish that involved kimchi - it was absolutely horrid! I couldn't get within ten feet of him. I have a hard time with people smells anyhow during pregnancy, but this really sent it over the edge. He ended up volunteering to sleep on the couch, and I exacted a promise that he would try to avoid such noisome food items until my nausea levels are at a level where I can handle things like that!! I'm sure that will be an amusing memory.

Anyhow, onto the second trimester! We have selected a midwife and are ready to move ahead, so that will be fun.

Hoping that this upward trend becomes permanent!!


  1. That's great, I hope it is permanent too. I think I'm on a genuine up here too and it started around about where you are now so here's hoping it is the pattern for us both.

  2. Amen to that! Here's to the upward road!!


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