Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday (16w1d)

Hey, everyone!

Life over here in the parched desert is going well. Feeling better by ever-so-slight increments every day. There is no doubt that I have been so very, very blessed with this pregnancy. Still tired all the time and nauseated to various degrees constantly (everywhere from "minimal" to "hibernating in the bedroom" types of nausea), but on the whole this has been much easier than my last pregnancy (which was much easier than the one before that).

* Serious TMI alert *

If you're still reading, you have been warned.

This past week I realized, with a sigh, that my body is - once again - coming apart. Specifically, my pelvis is loosening up to the point where I can tell that the bones are moving. This is not something I noticed during my firstborn's pregnancy, but last time it showed up in force. The most noticeable part (this is really gross) is that I could notice the bones of the symphisis pubis rubbing against each other when I rocked back and forth between feet. At the time, I thought that it was beyond cool. That was before I realized how much discomfort I was going to be in! Now it creeps me out, and I am doing everything I can do to walk so that I can be in denial that it's happening again - i.e. so that I don't feel it. I need to get back to my chiropractor! (But being that I barter for adjustments with meals, that means I have to start cooking. Oh, my.)

Additionally, breastfeeding has gone from "mildly uncomfortable" to "yeouch!" It's not at serious pain levels, and I'm hoping it stays that way. This is pretty much the point where we ended up weaning last time, due to discomfort and loss of supply, so it will be interesting to see if we can muscle through this or not.

* End TMI alert *

The other day I went outside during the evening to play with our son, pretty much for the first time since I started feeling yucky. Didn't last long, because it is brutally hot, but it was interesting. Saw some of our neighbors whom I haven't seen for months.

Again, I find it interesting how easy it is to forget how life used to be pre-NVP - even though that was only three months ago! Every time I recuperate, it's really like learning life all over again. I can't believe how easily I forget things - how I did cleaning routines, how I planned meals, etc.

So thankful to be this far along!!

Have a great evening, all!


  1. Check out the post I did some time back on pelvic pain Not only are there links to other sites, like KellyMom, which have a wealth of information, but there is an at-home technique you can do to help alleviate the pain of pubis symphysis dysfunction.

  2. Hi there,
    I bought this for pelvic instability last week, a nexcare maternity support bump band from Mothercare. It helps with the round ligament pain I'm getting on the bump but also helps support my pelvis so I'm able to lift toddler more easily etc. Had pelvic instability from quite early on last pregnancy but it has come on quicker this pregnancy and I had it for 14 months post natally (it only went away when I stopped breast feeding). I have a temporary blue badge for getting parked easily. Midwives here did nothing for me, just hadn't a clue. I got in touch with Pelvic Instability Scotland and when I saw my continence physio post natally she gave me some pilates exercises to do but they didn't really help at all. In the end I stopped going as they were making me feel like a complete time-waster and fraud. They once commented in a critical way that I was very protective of my pelvis because when I turned to get off the examination couch I kept my knees together, as all the advice suggests you should, honestly! This time I asked to see a physio early and was told I couldn't see one until the final trimester so I bought a pelvic support belt. Apparently due to cutbacks int he NHS you're not given these now, they would have given me a length of stretchy gauze and a pile of safety pins I'm told. Midwives last time very much of the opinion that it's all just part of being pregnant, put up and shut up. Will certainly try the exercise on the website you linked to and look up some of those links. I thought Kellymom was just for breastfeeding advice. Once I have this baby I hope that these snags go away quickly because I really want to remember what normal feels like.

  3. Thanks, you two!! I'll definitely look into all of this. Kathy, I actually read your article last pregnancy and have been thinking this past week that I need to start doing that exercise (I did it last time after I read about it on your blog). Hopefully tonight!! Thanks for the link, I need to read it all again!! :)


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