Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday (13w4d)

Well, I finally missed a day of blogging! No real reason, just laziness and fatigue. Ah, well.

Thursday was an exceptionally good day. No serious nausea anywhere. It was just lovely.

And as a result, on Friday I got.... too cocky for my own good. I messed around with my medication schedule in a big way. Late on this dose, skipped this dose.... and then paid for it. Bad idea. Yesterday was yucky. Today I am back to my strict schedule, and am planning to stay there! Earlier this week I successfully shaved off one dose of Diclectin, but I think I need to wait a few weeks before making any more changes.

Last night our eldest burst into the front room and declared dramatically, "Daddy, you have to come! It's a 'mergency! There's a big bug on the wall with those clampy-clampy things!!" I thought he must mean an earwig, considering that he knows very well what a scorpion is, but indeed it was a scorpion. Scorpion dispatched, crisis over. It was extremely amusing! He can be so dramatic - quite the drama king.

We are extremely used to scorpions in this house. Nowadays we don't get that many - sometimes none for a month or more during the winter, more in the summer - but when we moved in the house was infested and we found several a day. Even I, the consummate nature-lover, became accustomed to killing them.

Well, I am going to be on my own today (with baby).... I wonder what I should do? If I were by myself, I know exactly what I would do - that is, sleep all day - but I'll have to keep up some level of activity to amuse the little guy. Some part of me thinks that I should gird up my loins and try some housekeeping (haven't done any since early June), but another part of me is whispering caution, as we all know the end-result of overdoing things. I don't know. Can't say I actually want to clean, much as the accumulated grime bothers me. Sleep is much more inviting.

I am definitely going to try to make church tomorrow. Unfortunately I shall have to do it in a non-air-conditioned car, which makes me nervous about baby. However, I'm hoping that strategically-placed ice packs will make it okay. Suggestions, anyone?

Have a great day, all!!!

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