Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday (14w2d)

Hey, all -

Hope everyone is doing well out there!

Not much new around here, just trying to keep life going and the kids fed while waiting to feel better and move on with life. I've told DH that I will start cooking dinner again in September, so I'll have to get it together by then.

I have been - I'm afraid - cheating on the VLC diet quite a bit these past few days. End result - right now I feel absolutely terrible!! However, I'm just SO tired of eating very-low-carb, and knowing that (most likely) the worst danger zone is past is making me reckless. Regular food just tastes so good! Of course, I'm not really eating high-carb - just more like low-carb as opposed to very-low-carb. But apparently my body doesn't approve!

We'll see whether my brain or my body wins the day. Results to come.

Have a good day, all......

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  1. Haha, I think I'll give up cooking forever! Seriously though, that's great that you're feeling a bit better and even the breaking your rules is good, I'm glad you are feeling up to that too. Hopefully you won't get the payoff much longer. I'm working up to a trip through to see friends tomorrow so hoping my lucky run of good days continues. I did say I wouldn't be at the bbq though! I was really pleased to read that you made it to church the other day, I know you've been missing it and that's a great accomplishment at this point in your pregnancy.


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