Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday (14w4d)

Happy weekending, all!

And don't you love the uber-creative blog entry names I've been coming up with these past few months? LOL! At least they will be easy to search through for the future!

Baby and I are once again on our own today, so I have begun tackling the paper nightmare. You've no idea what three solid months of utter neglect can do! My tasks for today (some are done or partly done) - clean out 2010's files, file AWANA and preschool papers, update 2011 tax notebook with medical and mileage records, update car records notebook, go through my own clutter, file, etc. Too bad I have only one day! But I'll have to be careful not to overdo it anyhow - easy to do since I'm feeling pretty okay-ish.

Have a great weekend, all! Going to try to make it to church again tomorrow, so that will be tomorrow's adventure.

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