Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday (14w3d)

Moving closer to 15 weeks!!!

Last time I remember that time crawled until 20 weeks, which was when I wanted it to slow down - at which point it sped up drastically - looks like it'll be the same this time!

Yesterday was okay, not bad at all. Experimenting with all the wild and wonderful things that can be done with *foodment* low-carb tortillas. Delicious. *End foodment* This is probably going to be the part of the pregnancy where I gain a ridiculous amount of weight from being so hungry. Oh, well. There are worse things! (Like active HG!! So I'm not complaining!!!)

Tomorrow I will once again be on my own, and I have decided that instead of cleaning (which is a bit pointless since I can't maintain it right now), I am going to tackle the paperwork monster, which is also less energy intensive. Not only have I still not cleared 2010's papers out of our files, I haven't been keeping up on our records for taxes, or dealing with paper clutter, or filing, or anything like that. Not to mention that DH hasn't opened any mail since I started feeling badly two months ago - not that I'm going to take on that disaster, but I can at least clear my own papers out of the way so the mail is easier for him to find.

That and I'll probably take advantage of a child-free moment to go through DS's room and the front-room toys (i.e. to throw out a bunch of clutter). DS is the biggest trash packrat I've ever met! I don't remember being so attached to every bit of waste paper and string and broken plastic etc. I usually maintain a steady stream of secret trips to the trash can to keep things under control, but it's gotten bad these past few months.

Love to all out there!!

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  1. I know what you mean about paperwork - it's taken me the last four months to catch up on all of ours. I'm so glad to hear you're doing reasonably well.


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