Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tuesday (15w1d)

Sorry I didn't check in yesterday! Yesterday was just one of those blech days when I moped around the house feeling yucky and falling asleep in random places.

But, on the bright side, we are at fifteen weeks!! Inching closer to that magical 20 weeks - I remember that by last time I felt pretty close to okay by 20 weeks, so hoping for the same this time. Especially as I have promised to start cooking in two weeks! (Yuck!)

This has been a crazy week. Remember how we had both of our cars in the shop last week? Well, all of the problems that we got "fixed" - on both cars! - reappeared this week in full force, plus some, so we are currently having a repeat of last week in having cars in and out - and in and out - of the shop.

Plus therapy for baby, plus flood irrigation, plus yard work, plus dentist appointments, etc. Very tiring!

My new midwife holds a biweekly discussion/fellowship group for her expecting clients (and any other expectant mamas who want to come), and I really wanted to attend last night - but just couldn't manage it. Nights are still the worst time, and by the time late afternoon/early evening rolls around, I am ready to collapse. Hopefully soon! I'd love to hook up with this group - it sounds like a lot of fun.

But, as I said before, I can still tell that I'm getting a lot better - very thankful for that. Very thankful not to have to get up to eat during the night, or to have to eat before getting out of bed - very nice.

You know, *foodment* the cliches about pickles and pregnant women really are true. Pickles are wonderful. I'm eating a ton of them right now, and they work wonderfully to cover up the taste of other food. Thank goodness for pickles! And for Sprouts and Trader Joe's, who carry dye-free pickles!!! Have you ever wondered why on earth pickle companies ever started pumping their pickles full of yellow dye? I mean, they really look so much better without the ghostly yellow glow. Very odd. *End foodment*

Back to normal life, have a great day, all!


  1. Glad you're managing your pickles! So pleased you are getting better, I really hope you get to the magic feeling normal week.

    All anaemic here - humph!

  2. Pickled things really seem to be helping me too! No idea why. I'm eating a lot of FOODMENT Japanese food END FOODMENT because they do such a nice job of pickling everything!


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