Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday (13w2d)

Hi, everyone!

Yesterday was not quite in the awesomeness category, but not too bad. I feel like the trend is still moving upwards, even though it's always a back-and-forth kind of deal.

I mentioned that the naturopathic physician mentioned a couple of supplements yesterday - here they are. They are by the company Thorne:

5-MTHF (this is a form of folate), 1 mg, 60 caps - cost at the college medicinary was $16.70, cost online is $17.50

B complex #6, 60 caps - cost at college medicinary was $14.50, cost online is $15.35

Now that I see that it was cheaper to buy in person, I wish I had done so!

So there you have it. I'm going to talk to the hubs about trying these out, so we'll see how they go.

* I forgot to mention earlier - the dosage is 2 caps of each per day, so this would be a one month supply for about $30. 

Moving on...

Yesterday we got some awesome news! One of the wonderful doulas who attended our last birth, Rose (you can see pics of her on my other blog under my birth story - she is AWESOME!) has become - as of yesterday - an apprentice midwife. AND, under whom should she be apprenticing but the very midwife we just decided to go with! Is that awesome, or what? I am so very excited. Rose was made to be a midwife, and I am very excited that we will get to be under her care during this pregnancy. It also felt like a confirmation that we made the right choice of care providers for this pregnancy.

Okay, off to work through this day!! August is countdown month!

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