Saturday, March 3, 2018

Low-Fat Diet for Hyperemesis Gravidarum Prevention

Every year or so, I search "How to Prevent Hyperemesis Gravidarum" to see what pops up. Every so often, I happen upon a gem, and this was one of them:

Preventing Hyperemesis Gravidarum (Janette Rallison)

In this post, author Janette Rallison tells her HG story (it's brutal), and then tells what finally helped her:

"Before my fourth pregnancy, I researched on the internet and bingo, I found some useful information... I found a website that midwives used to discuss pregnancy issues and one talked about a diet that helped prevent hyperemesis gravidarum. Basically, for three months before pregnancy women were put on a diet where they ate no meat, fat, sugar, preservatives or additives of any kind. (I can’t remember whether dairy was allowed. I had a little  skim milk for calcium but didn’t eat cheese.) If I remember right, the idea behind this diet was that it improved your liver’s ability to function."

And it worked:

"The diet worked. I wish I could say that for that fourth pregnancy I had absolutely no morning sickness, but I still did. It just wasn’t nearly as extreme. I didn’t get sick until later in the pregnancy and it wasn’t as bad. I didn’t have to be hospitalized once. I was well enough that I could eat in the morning. As the day progressed I got sicker and sicker. Around noon I had to take to my bed and stay there, hoping that resting would help me keep down my food. But I was still able to eat a little . This probably sounds bad as far as normal pregnancies go, but it was a huge improvement. The pain was much much less and throwing up actually relieved the nausea, whereas before it wouldn’t. 

"I always tried to go to sleep at nine because I knew if I was up later the nausea would get bad. But I didn’t want to die. And with the other pregnancies, I really did. I remember my husband leaving in the morning and he would ask me if I needed anything. I would tell him, “Yeah, get me some arsenic.” I was only half joking."

Hop on over to the original link to read the whole story!

I am not personally planning to try this diet. As the author herself mentions, it is a very difficult option, and I'd rather stick with the very low carb or Trim Healthy Mama approach. But firstly, this does highlight the importance of liver cleansing in HG prevention. (I am currently using this supplement for that very purpose.) Also, if anyone wants to give this a try, go for it! (I wouldn't recommend any extreme diet for long-term use, but in the short-term, it could be great!)



  1. Wow... This diet seems hard core. But, in desperation we are willing to pretty much do whatever and anything, that it takes.

    At this moment I am taking a homeopathic supplement (of course I forget what the name is, and baby A is on my breast while I type lol), that is supposed to cleanse me from any kind of bad fungal whatsoever. Milk thistle also helps the liver to function, if I remember correctly ..?

    I've made my kimchi, bought my sauerkraut, taken my I. V's... I am not fertile but it's always better to start prepping early. I'm 99% on thm too... Little by little I'll add some supplements like ionic magnesium etc.
    Oh! So I went off caffeine and then tried to go off coffee and cream entirely... I lasted a single day. Go figure - I love my coffee. Decaf is the best that I can do!

    1. I find that I only have that iron-clad self-control when it comes down to the wire with HG prevention. Otherwise, I just can't make these kinds of diets (like the very low carb) work. They're just plain awful in terms of having to live with them. That's why Trim Healthy Mama is awesome, because it is doable for the long-term!!

      I'm buying sauerkraut and kefir, and making my own kombucha. That's about it. I got into a lot of lacto-ferms last time, but they can take over your life. :) So I keep it to a minimum now, though I love to try new ones. I'm also doing a liver-cleansing supplement, a really good B complex, a multi, magnesium, D, and a couple of others. Of course, that's WHEN I remember them!! :)

      I love having your comments and thoughts - it's good to have a partner in the pre-conception race to the finish!!


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