Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hurray for a new week!! Always so exciting to pass the week marker.

Yesterday was busy - a bit too busy! We had baby's therapy in the morning, and then our first midwife appointment in the afternoon - fun! We got to meet another of her students, as well as see our lovely chiropractor (just saying hi - she works in our midwife's office space) and had fun chatting. It was a lot of fun. I also asked what hospitals she transports to and found that our choice of hospitals is among them, so that was good!! (Though hopefully the issue will never come up!)

We also had a lot of activity yesterday getting the cars too and from the shop to be fixed - thankfully car #1 is fixed and car #2 should be done today. Hurray!

After our midwife's appointment we came home and I felt good and YUCK for the rest of the day. Either the high activity levels, or the heat, or too many blueberries, or a combination thereof - or just randomness - but it was yucky. Oh, well! A good day otherwise.

Fighting the urge to go out and eat every bit of junk food I can lay my hands on. :)

I'm hoping that I'll get a good couple of months of nesting energy at the end of this thing so that I can repair the damage being done to the house through neglect (plus hubby plus kids!). With my first pregnancy, I only got about three hours of nesting energy (the night before our labor started) - I think my body was just too exhausted from the HG to pick up on any nesting signals. With our last, I did get about two months of energy/motivation - hoping for the same thing this time!

Have a good day, all!

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