Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday (14w5d)

Happy Sabbath, all!

Just back from my second week at church! Tiring, but I'm so thankful to be back among my church family. Just lovely!

Yesterday was an absolutely fabulous day! Didn't feel that awesome, but with DH and our eldest out of the house on their second attempt at a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's (successful!), I had a marvelous time cleaning out files (I love throwing things away!) and going through toys to de-junk them and straighten. Lovely! With a few breaks, I kept at it - slowly! - most of the day and got a lot done.

And it was so nice not to be interrupted every 30 seconds, or see my work being undone almost as soon as it was finished!!

And, to be honest, it was lovely to have some alone time. I have an intense craving for periods of solitude (probably the result of growing up as an only child), and with a growing family that just doesn't happen! In fact, looking back, I think that I can say that that was one of the biggest stresses following the birth of our firstborn - having to learn how to deal with never being alone.

So I thoroughly enjoyed my day!

DH and DS are about 15 minutes from home now, so family life will resume as normal. But with clean files, hurray!!

I am starting to feel the dawn of a great desire to rip apart the house and clean/declutter/organize it. Don't have the energy to follow through yet, but hopefully that will come. Bring it on!!

I am getting better rapidly, I believe - faster than I ever have. Frankly, I think we really must have a girl in there. That is, if it is a boy, I shall probably go through the rest of my life with a permanently shocked expression on my face. This pregnancy has been so very different!

I'm going to wait one more week and then try again to start tapering medications. Right now I'm on 24 mg Zofran and 7 Diclectin per day. I'd like to start dropping that. I think last time I was able to taper to zero meds by around the early 30-something week mark. Sooner would be better if I can swing it!

Love to all, have a wonderful Sabbath!!

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