Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday (10w2d)

Yesterday was pretty yucky, but the evening was better than normal.

I had hoped my energy levels would start to pick up around now, but my level of exhaustion seems to be rising. I would gladly lie down in a dark room all day right now, without the least inclination toward either boredom or getting up.

This is how my days go right now: My nausea finally calms down sometime in early morning (2-4 a.m.). I wake up feeling fine. Then I get up and have 5-60 minutes of okay-ness before the pukeyness begins, and then feel crummy for the rest of the day, to differing levels. If I leave off eating for more than 60 minutes, I'm in trouble.

Weight levels: Oddly enough, I gained some weight at the very beginning of this pregnancy. No idea why. Have lost most of it but am still a pound or two over baseline.

Okay.... back to it.... only 15 minutes till Zofran and nap time!!


  1. do you deal with terrible consitpatin with zofran?
    It was terrible with my last pregnancy - so much so that I couldn't take it anymore - but it didn't seem to be helping me anyway

  2. Janie - yes, definitely. :) As soon as I start taking Zofran, I take Colace at the same time - usually 2 per day - and that keeps me okay. Zofran without something at the same time is asking for a disaster; I wish more OBs would warn about that side-effect, because it can be a killer. However, Zofran doesn't help everyone, so there's definitely no use in putting up with side-effects if you weren't receiving the therapeutic effects simultaneously!! :)

  3. I find myself totally relating to this post. My worst nausea is at night. Right around dinner time it picks up and then right before bed. I am just a week behind you in my pregnancy and said to day the honeymoon was over. My nausea and vomiting is breaking through the medicine. I am out of town so this makes things really difficult. I hope you get some more energy soon.


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