Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday (9w6d)

Yesterday was icky, but not as bad as Saturday, thank goodness.

Last night was a killer! DH was up and down all night with one of his headaches. Baby was fussy all night with an upset stomach. I was up and down all night with nausea, and then with a terrific thunderstorm that kept me awake (so thankful it didn't wake the kids). It was like a pantomime - who is going to pop out of which trap door next? Very tired.

A note: My nose is behaving itself more this pregnancy. Smells are unpleasant and to be avoided whenever possible, but they are not the source of absolute torture (you all know what I mean!) that they usually are. In fact, two weeks ago there was something yucky in the fridge, and DH discovered it before I did! (Of course, I don't actually breathe when opening the fridge, but usually that doesn't matter! LOL)

Okay, back to it! An unfortunately busy day ahead - therapy for our little dude and then vitamin shot at the naturopathic college.

Love to all!

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  1. Hope all goes well today with shots and therapy. Having a rubbish day here of sickness and nausea. Just like you say, never report a good day as the next is sure to be a bad one. Parents are coming to stay tomorrow so I shall just have to leave the house as it is and hope tomorrow is a bit better. Did something stupid today though, fed baby a food I was bad with the last time. Rookie error.


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