Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday (10w4d)

Yesterday was, by comparison, one of the best days I've had in a while. Even the evening! I ended up staying up later than usual with DH watching "The Music Man" - which I've never seen, and is excellent! Of course I paid for that in that the nausea started hitting back before I could fall asleep properly, but all in all, it was a good day.

Night was rough, but nights are just rough right now. Nausea, having to get up to take meds, getting up to eat at least twice, getting up to feed the baby, then sleeping at the foot of the bed so that I don't have to continuously nurse all night.... let's just say that nights are more a continuation of the adventure than a respite. But it is SO nice when my nausea does finally calm down in the late early morning so that I can get a couple hours of feeling okay before I have to get up! (Even if I'm sleeping through it, it's nice.)

I've been meaning to post the costs of the vitamin shots at the naturopathic college so that people could have that info. When you go to the clinic, you can see a doctor (for a higher cost) or a student with a supervising doctor present (for a lower cost). I, of course, chose the latter. For the initial visit, with the shot, the cost was $99. For follow-up visits, with the shot, the cost is $25. Not cheap, but not horrible. They very kindly offered to send me home with a month's worth of shots at a time, provided I could get someone to do it for me, which would save me all but a monthly trip and cut office visit costs completely (the shot alone costs $11 each). However, I do not fancy being the pincushion for my husband's learning efforts at giving IM injections, especially as he is nearly as squeamish as I am around needles, LOL! So I am sticking with the higher cost and letting the professionals do the work. (Additionally, I enjoy the trip. It's nice to be able to tune out and just drive without any little kids talking or needing things!!) So that's that.

Today we had a guy come to fix our irrigation pipe, and found out that instead of $150 or so, the damage is much more extensive and is going to cost $1000+. Ahhh, home repairs!!

Last week we finally carried through our plan of starting our 5yo on his first allowance. We are giving $1.50 per week, which the internet says is low and which my mother says is absurdly high. We'll see. After tithe, it is cut down to $1.35. We're not enforcing saving at the moment - I haven't been able to decide if the "enforce saving" camp or "let them save when they want something" camp is better. Right now we're going to let him use it to buy discretionary things (toys, etc.) and also to replace any toy that he loses or breaks. My plan is to increase his buying jurisdiction as he gets older, so that by the time he's twelve or so he will be responsible for buying things like clothes, etc. If anyone has any awesome resources on allowances to pass on, feel free to let me know. There are SO many violently disagreeing opinions out there!

I am also planning on (eventually, when I'm feeling better, and probably more for when he's older) having extra jobs available to earn extra money (not routine chores, no payment for that, but special extra jobs). I'm also planning on using it as a source of discipline, a la Kevin Leman - i.e. "Oh, since you didn't take out the trash, I had to pay your brother to do it out of your allowance." Lots of fun stuff in an allowance!! :)

Okay, back to life. I would like to say that I'm expecting today to be good since yesterday was, but probably the reverse is true. There, you see - I've got this NVP bait-and-switch thing down! Mwa ha ha ha!

Have a good weekend, all.....

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  1. LOL! You made the right choice with the hubby pin cushion. Having BTDT twice, I can say it's no bueno!


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