Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday, a.m. (7w0d)

Hurray for a milestone - SEVEN WEEKS!!!

Doing okay, though I had a rough night. One day at a time.

Right now I am just attempting to simplify everything I can. All dishes are disposable, all chores that are not mandatory (and some that are) are just not getting done. Period. I have canceled almost everything on our calendar, and I'm just trying to stay quiet and stay at home. I'm really well aware that over-exertion has a miserable pay-off, so I'm just staying home and trying to do as little as possible while praying for the first trimester to pass quickly.

Okay, off to get dressed.... Does anyone have a time machine I could borrow? 


  1. Pretty much the same here. You holding up okay though? Sleeping any better?

    I'm curious about this low sugar thing because there's something I don't understand. If the insulin resistance of pregnancy is the snag then presumable that means you get sick when you have too much circulating sugar. Thing is lots of morning sickness websites think the low blood sugar in the morning after night fast causes nausea. If you have really low sugar intake could you get nausea from the lack of sugar? Presumably your liver stores get used up if you are on the low sugar diet for a while (and sick). I think I feel sick after high sugar (e.g. sweets) but I am also sick in the morning before breakfast (low sugar maybe).

  2. Hubby's work colleagues love me as the sweets I ordered on a whim weeks ago arrived and sat for ages so I gave them to him to hand out to them. They got a good selection of really childish sweets.

  3. p.p.s.
    Was reading your post of herbs and HG after a comment on my blog about milk thistle. Reading conflicting things about it and not sure at all. What do you think of it now? Any update?

  4. I took milk thistle religiously before and during my last pregnancy, and did not notice any improvement (it was worse), so I ditched it with this pregnancy. However, other people have really noted improvement with MT, so I definitely wouldn't write it off. It probably goes along with the whole multiple-causation thing - what works for one person probably won't work for another. I did not notice any help from all the herbs I tried last time, so I did not go to the trouble of trying them again this time (barring ginger). However, I know people who swear by various herbs - one girl I know says that her severe NVP was solved by peach leaf tea. So, again, it's an individual thing.

    As to the diet, I really don't know. I've never studied this thing in depth. I guess the carb thing is just based on blood sugar fluctuations - blood sugar fluctuating in HG mothers results in nausea, so the main thing is to avoid the ups and downs that carbs trigger by just avoiding carbs. Someone else I read said that it's the protein that staves off nausea. I don't know! But I do know that the diet is helping, so I'm sticking to it regardless of the whys behind it.

    Hoping you're doing okay!!!


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