Sunday, June 12, 2011

Checking in, Sunday mid-day (5w5d)

Happy Sabbath, all!

My report is still good - feeling just fine and holding steady. No other news.

This has been a busy weekend! Yesterday we attended our friend's wedding, and it was absolutely lovely, with a lovely bride. Congrats, dear friend!

We could stay for only part of the reception, but we had a lot of fun and enjoyed the time.

And I'm extremely gratified to report that we did indeed get one whole item on our to-do list done! (We hung a picture.) We far exceeded my expectations, especially since our Saturday morning work time didn't begin until ten minutes after it was supposed to have ended. Not bad.

Today we had another lovely morning at our new/old church, as well as a church potluck. Can I say how much I have missed church potlucks??? They are the stuff of which heaven is made - such a wonderful time of fellowship.

This week should be pretty quiet, especially as it looks like I will be car-less. Ah, well! We'll just hole up in the house, close the curtains and put on Christmas music in order to pretend we're not in the middle of a Phoenix summer. Not too bad.

Have a great Sunday!

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