Friday, June 10, 2011

Checking in, Friday a.m. (5w3d)

Good morning, everyone!

I figured I'd start putting a notation on my entry titles to let everyone know how far we have progressed. This is by date of approximate ovulation, so add another four days to make it by LMP.

Doing just fine over here! No problems, feeling fine. That's about all the news!

Last night I actually went grocery shopping for the first time since finding out we were pregnant. It was.... weird. Definitely weird. Usually at this point I don't go within five miles of a grocery store, but it was just fine.

We have a busy weekend coming up! Tonight we are going to see friends whom we haven't seen in over five years - the last time we saw them, I was about a month away from our eldest's birth - goodness, that's a long time ago! It should be fun.

Tomorrow, we are going to be attending a wedding of a sweet friend - she and the girl who got married two weeks ago are about to become sisters-in-law! Such excitement and such joy. I can't wait.

To finish up, on Sunday we have a potluck at our new/old church. Hurray!!!!!! I love potlucks and fellowship events of all kinds, and I've missed them so much.

Have a wonderful day, all!

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