Thursday, June 16, 2011

Post-Ultrasound Check-in

Back from ultrasound.....


You'll never believe it.....

There's a baby in there.

No, seriously! I'm not joking - there really is. Fetal pole, yolk sac, heartbeat and all. Just where it all should be.

I am, to be honest, utterly shocked. Perhaps a bit shell-shocked. Wow!

I have confided in a couple of people, and others have probably guessed, that my guess was that this pregnancy was headed toward a miscarriage. This was for lots of reasons - a light pregnancy test, an absence of symptoms for 10 days, plus other symptoms that I haven't really mentioned here, like some spotting and two weeks of menstrual-type cramps.

But as of now, all systems are go. Hurray!

You will all be happy to know that we also..... have baby names picked out! Have for a couple of months. Don't count on anything, because we always change names - both of our other kidlets have not had official names till their week birthdays - but we might actually be ahead of the game this time. Unfortunately, one of our favorite names had to be nixed because it is almost identical to one of our other already-used names, but we're thinking of using it for a middle name.

And now.... to email my parents. Yikes!!!

I would appreciate your continued prayers - please!!!


  1. Praise the Lord!!!

    I *AM* impressed with the name thing! ;)

  2. Praise the Lord!!!

    I *AM* impressed with the name thing! ;)

  3. That's wonderful news. Did you get to keep a scan photo?

  4. Yes, we have three pics of a very blurry dot, LOL!! A very cute dot, I might add. :)

  5. Yay! So glad to hear that!

    [I've been holding off commenting because I too was worried about the possibility of a m/c, esp. w/your history of having not had nausea that time. Now I can breathe easier. :-)]

    Congratulations! And I hope your family takes the news well -- esp. since much of their negativity and concern may be primarily due to how difficult HG is for you, and if you can say that your nausea seems to be well under control with this VLC diet and an occasional Zofran, they can rest easy on that score.



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