Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday, a.m. (6w3d)

Howdy, all!

Up and down.

Okay so far. Eating is becoming more and more of a challenge. And a nuisance.

Supplements I'm taking:
Zinc, Magnesium, multi, omega-3, ginger, Morning Sickness Comfort by Mommy's Bliss, B complex, a couple more

Meds I'm taking:
Zofran - 24 mg/day
Diclectin - 8 doses/day

Practical things I'm doing:
- Have had DH start dressing our eldest in his next-day clothes instead of PJ's - saves a step in the morning. Non-essential steps like bed-making and face-washing have been nixed for the present.
- Looking into short-term housecleaning help. Goodness, it's expensive!!

How I'm doing:
Ech. That's a combination of "ich" and "I don't know." Tired. Fearful. A bit woozy, as evidenced by the fact that I spelled "face" as "fash" in the last paragraph. And saw nothing wrong with that. Wishing I could just crawl in bed and stay there for the next two months.

Telling my parents about this baby:
Went just fine. :)

Question for everyone:
Is it okay to stack drugs? I'm thinking things like stematil, cyclizine (don't quote me on these spellings), Benadryl, Emetrol, Gravol, etc. Can I add them on top of what I'm taking?

Back to it! Appreciate prayers for stability!

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  1. I'd ask a pharmacist about taking those drugs at or near the same time. "Diclectin" is unisom plus something, right? That will make you sleepy, as will Benadryl; taking them together would concern me unless I knew for sure it wouldn't harm me or the baby. But it might make for a double-dose of sleepiness. Anyway, just things that I think would be worth asking a pharmacist about.



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