Saturday, June 11, 2011

Checking in, Saturday a.m. (5w4d)

Happy weekend, all!!

(And happy wedding day to our friends K. and R.! Can't wait!)

Doing just fine over here, no news, nothing new. Continually thanking God for feeling so well!

This week has definitely been better than last week in terms of anxiety. Last week was, well, basically, one long panic attack. And I don't even get panic attacks! (Or thought I didn't.) This week is more on the stable side of waiting, thankfully.

And I used to think I was such a mentally balanced person. Ah, well.

Yesterday was a busy day! I vacuumed the house, then got out the kiddie pool for our eldest - he had a blast. When my husband got home, he reminded me that I really need to empty the pool after each time we use it, simply because our yard has no fence and we would be 100% liable for any child who wandered over and had an accident. Yikes! I hadn't even given it any thought. Unfortunately, that thing is a real nuisance to drain! (It's the floppy kind.) But our had a great time despite the unfortunate logistics.

Then last night we went over to friends' house for dinner - the friends whom we haven't seen in over five years. It was strange! I can't believe we'd let that much time go by. So, so, so much has happened in our lives over that five years - two births, five years of hardcore parenting bootcamp, etc. etc. - just so much life. It felt like returning to a scene from my childhood!

Our friends, however, were just the same, and it was lovely seeing them again. We're hoping to pick up the acquaintance properly and not let it drop again!

Today we have a to-do list about three miles long - and I'm betting that we might even get one item on it accomplished, though no guarantees - and then are heading out to the wedding. I love weddings!! We need more of them! Weddings and new babies are the best things in the world.

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!


  1. Could you get some kind of fence just for around the pool area?

  2. Whoa... I'm so behind on my blog reading. I just realized you are pregnant. First of all, congratulations! Yea for new babies! I will be praying that you continue to feel well and that come-what-may you have peace through the process! It's hard to remember that God is in control when you're sitting in the middle of the storm, but we both know he is! You are in good hands!


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