Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Checking in, Tuesday a.m. (6w0d)

Okay, everyone! Just a quick update.

Yesterday was a fairly yucky day - nothing serious, but yucky. I adhered strictly to the VLC diet, though, and we'll see if it helps. Today has not been as bad as yesterday.

I am back on full dosages of Unisom and Zofran.

Yesterday I was absolutely exhausted. Could have been pregnancy fatigue, or it could have been the fact that I was up for four straight hours in the middle of the night the night before. Regardless, I just kept falling asleep randomly.

Last night was still rough, but mostly due to a cranky co-sleeping baby. Thankfully I was not up again for multiple hours with nausea!

Yesterday I checked on my Zofran prescription (has now been out for almost two weeks). Found out that it had gotten caught up on an easily-correctable snag, and was able to take care of that. However, when DH went to pick it up last night, it had both the wrong amount (21 ct. instead of 90 ct.) and the wrong type (ODT instead of tablets). So today, we are back to square one - all the way back to the beginning, with having to have my OB call in a prescription, get insurance approval, etc. etc. etc. I am thanking the Lord that I have plenty of back-up Zofran at the moment! Good heavens! It will probably be three entire weeks before we can pick it up - if we're lucky.

Yesterday I also lost my remaining patience and called to see when I could get a viability ultrasound. We're apparently right at that point, so I have an appointment for Thursday morning. I'll post as soon as I have results!

Okay, off to work through this day! Still feeling crummy, but hoping it stays mild.

Have a great day, all!


  1. your blog is giving me hope for any possible future pregnancies - I have some questions - did you start VLC once TTC or were you doing it all the time anyway - can you start after you find out you are pregnant? and what is a sample menu for a day or two for you? - I know you probably don't feel up to doing that now but I am curious

  2. Hi, Janie! I started the VLC about 2 months ago, or about 45 days before I got a positive test. Ideally it was recommended to me to have several months on the diet under one's belt before trying to conceive. It's never too late to try, though! As for food, the diet is mainly meat/eggs, cheese, nuts, and non-starchy/non-sweet vegetables. It's a bit limited! Right now I'm mainly just eating snacks of eggs, nuts, and cheese (with vitamins to help with the limitations).

    The main thing - there are NO guarantees. I don't know if this diet is truly helping me or not, and I don't know what the future holds. If anyone wants to try the diet, I'm totally supportive, but a mother must be fully prepared for the possibility of recurrent HG.

    Good luck!


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