Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday, a.m. (6w4d)

Yesterday was:
Shaky and woozy but the best day all week.

I think the diet helps. Let's hope it helps a lot!

Other conclusions:
Time has slowed down almost to a stand-still. Someone alert NASA!

My diet right now:
Cheese, eggs, almonds, celery with no-sugar peanut butter, and protein shakes. And the occasional lettuce-wrap hamburger from In-N-Out. Don't have the stomach to prepare meat.

Today's challenge:
Making it through visits from both sets of grandparents (we had to cancel our son's birthday party, but family is still coming to celebrate).

My goal:
Make it to the eight-week mark.


  1. Hope visit goes well. Do try to take it easy and let visitors pitch in or you may knock yourself out.

    Are you only able to manage those foods or will you be adding more options? In last pregnancy baby was mainly made of wheatabix so anything else is good.

    Went to try deli yesterday but lady took too long to serve us and I had to abandon that and lie down in car. Tried cheeseburger but no so just sipped a little milkshake and that was okay. What are you drinking? I'm on water and fresh orange but normal fruit juice tastes far too sweet.

  2. I'm trying to stay on the high-protein/low-carb plan, and those are the only foods in that category that I can manage preparing and dealing with. :) Hopefully more in the future. For liquids, I'm doing just water and protein shakes. :)

  3. What are the protein shakes you are drinking? Are they powders you make up or ready mixed drinks? I'm curious as I might give them a go. I'm cutting down sugar here as I think my nausea is worse after refined sugar.

  4. I'm just using a powdered mix that I add to liquid - it's sold at Sprouts, a store we have here, and it's called "Show Me the Whey", chocolate flavor. I mix it with water and about 2-3 T. of cream (to avoid the carbs from milk). It tastes really good, actually! :)


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