Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Checking in, Tuesday p.m. (6w0d)

Hi, all! I know I've already checked in, but I'm blogging to distract myself for a few minutes.

I feel like dirt.(And not even good quality dirt, at that.)

Today was better than yesterday, but tonight has been yuck. I have basically sat around all evening, looking out blearily and trying not to throw up. DH has been pretty much on his own as far as food, childcare, etc.

Hoping that being back on the diet will help things to get better and not worse.

One of the hardest things about night has been having a co-sleeping baby. Not only does he wake me up, but he wants to nurse periodically though the night. This is totally fine, but when dealing with nighttime nausea, it makes it really hard. I don't want to wean him, and I know he's not ready to sleep on his own, but it sure makes it a lot harder.

Okay, all.... So, praying for a good night tonight and to feel better soon. Love to all!

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  1. Not to be discouraging, but the nighttime nausea might have to do with the nursing. I cannot nurse my babies at night once I get NVP because it further lowers my blood sugar (which is already low at night), making it much worse. Hope you start feeling better ASAP.


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