Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday (8w0d)

Hi, everyone!


Very excited to be here, and to be here while non-HG. Very grateful. Next goal: Ten weeks.

This morning I headed back to the naturopathic college for repeat B/magnesium shot. Have had a reasonably good day! Not sure if that's coincidence or cause-and-effect.

This afternoon I went to an acupuncture appointment I'd made. Kind of weird. I fill out the intake forms, give them to her, and she comes back in a few minutes and says "Oh, I can't see you. Your insurance doesn't cover pregnancy nausea." There was no mention of seeing her for a cash payment, just a blanket "I can't see you, goodbye," so I just left. However, that's fine. They said this morning at the naturopathic college that they could do some acupuncture for me, so I'll probably just do it there.

Having a hard time finding things to eat. By the time I find something on the diet that I can stand and prepare myself, I usually can only eat it for about 36 hours before I start to find it nauseating. I'm quickly running out of options. However, I do want to stick on the diet since it seems to be helping stabilize me. And, of course, I am grateful to be EATING. At all. With my first, eating went out the window for a good 10+ weeks. So counting my blessings.

I find it absolutely amazing how fast multips POP when they pop! Oh, my goodness! Over the past 48 hours, I went from "Hmm, I think I might be showing," to "Good gosh almighty, I must be birthing a walrus!" Wow! Not like the three months of first-time-baby "I think that might be a bump! Honey, look, do you think that's a bump?" Yowzers!

If my writing is confusing and disjointed, that is because I am confused and disjointed. Look for improvements in coming months.

Later, all! Continued prayer appreciated!


  1. So pleased you're having a good day. I'm going to try reiki but can only give it a go after first trimester (their rules). I tried acupuncture for back pain and it didn't help but then I heard lots of good reports for sickness so I'll be following that experiment with great interest. Cyclizine and stematil have been doing nothing here, think I've not got the stemetil type problem and that I'm becoming resistant to cyclizine. Not being sick though so grateful. Thanks for update.

  2. With you on the food thing btw. So bored of trying to think of things to try. Cancelled veg box as none of that was any good at all. If only there was something that worked and kept working. Have much bigger bump this time although weight is down to less than before I got pregnant - I'm being sculpted from existing reserves rather than gaining a bump. Last time I had no bump until quite far on and this time I already look quite far on!


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