Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday (7w4d)

Well, I'd update on yesterday, but I can't remember it. Hmm hmm hmm. That's what happens when I try to blog during arsenic hour, that lovely time after 3 p.m. when however I am feeling becomes worse! LOL! (That phrase was coined by a friend of mine regarding how babies get cranky in the late afternoon, but I find it particularly fitting for this situation, considering how closely arsenical poisoning resembles HG! Or so I have been told.)

Anyway, I think yesterday was decent, all things considered. Again, another day at home hibernating and watching the clock while waiting for the first trimester to pass. I am praying that I will feel better soon and be able to enjoy more of this pregnancy.

But again, so thankful not to be in HG. Very thankful. Did I mention how thankful I am? Very!!! :)

Ah well, it's that magical time - time for more Zofran and Unisom! Thankfully I have my meds schedule memorized now, so I don't have to keep track of it any more on note pads. Off to do that and then mooch about until I can reasonably claim that it's bed time.

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