Monday, June 13, 2011

Checking in, Monday a.m. (5w6d)

Well, folks - apparently I'm a lot dumber than I look. (I've suspected that for some time.)

You see, I've been straying off of the diet (slightly) for some time. Yesterday I really strayed. In other words, I ate dessert. Twice.

I don't know if the two are related, but last night I started to feel yuck. Really yuck. And after I finally managed to get to bed, I was back up at 11:45p with nausea, and I spent the next four hours awake, being up and down trying to deal with it. I also had the oddest thing - something like a three-hour long hot flash - combined with the nausea (along with a headache). It was so not fun.

I finally got a bit of broken sleep, and now I'm up again - feeling pretty yucky.

Can I say that I'm back on the diet? Strictly, no questions asked.

And what is up with this night-waking nausea? I've never dealt with this before, and it's not fun, physically or emotionally. 

Would you please pray for me that I would feel better?

Love to all!


  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am praying that the sickness/nausea doesn't get any worse for you.

  2. That's rough but at least you know you've hit on something with your low carb diet then. Did you spend time wondering if you might get sick while/after eating it or did you enjoy it and just get hit by nausea out of the blue?

  3. I'll pray for you! But...I think this episode speaks volumes about both the effectiveness of this diet and the health of your pregnancy! :)

  4. The night waking nausea is the worst. Of all my various kinds though, it was the most short-lived so I'll pray it goes away quickly for you, too! In the mean time, keep a trashcan next to the bed.

  5. I had the night-waking nausea. Ugh. I will absolutely be praying for you and your pregnancy. Thanks for the updates; I've been thinking about you a lot, wondering how you were doing.

  6. Oh no ~ hope you're feeling better by now. So this diet you are talking about - is it just low-carb, or is there anything special about it?

  7. Hi, everyone! Thank you for the sweet notes!

    Saved Sinner - Thank you!! I have been thinking of you!

    Becky - Now let's hope that getting back on the bandwagon will take care of this NVP now that it's reared its head!

    Jen & Sarah - I'm so sorry you two had to deal with this! This is actually a first for me. I'm used to NVP during the day, but I'm used to going to bed and SLEEPING - not getting up nauseated or throwing up. It STINKS!!

    Zsuzsanna - This diet is a VLC (very low carb) diet, meaning that it takes low carb to a whole new level. If you go on my sidebar under something like "possible lines of thought on HG prevention" and click on the Low Carb Gynecologist, you can read all about it - and if you're interested, I can email you the diet sheets. :)

    Till tomorrow, all!


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